The Masked Singer Recap for 11/8/2023

The Masked Singer Recap for 3/29/2023

The Masked Singer Recap for 3/29/2023

It is 80s Night on Fox’s The Masked Singer! Everyone is in their most tubular outfits, big hair and bright colors and ready to….crowd surf…..but that might only be if your name is Jenny McCarthy.

The Doll: Life was rocky for him and he often felt silenced due to his voice. He finally found his own group, which led to him schooling the naysayers.

He sings Don’t You Forget About Me from The Breakfast Club. The voice sounds vaguely familiar, but I cannot place it…..the clues are no help either.

Erik Estrada presents the glue, which is the word Ghostwriter. The Doll adds that he worked with a Grammy Winning Artist.

If it is the TV show Ghostwriter, it could be Samuel L. Jackson….who played Jamal’s dad on the show.

Guesses include Gene Simmons, someone from Motley Crew, Donnie Wahlberg, Sebastian Bach.



Scorpio: She loves to be over the top who grew up in a small town. She worked in food service while working her way up in the business…..only to realize being a sometimes villain is the way to go.

She sings Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper and has a fun energy. I think this may be one of the Vanderpump girls.

Young MC presents another clue, which is a dance move called the Squiggler…..which represents the importance of watering property. This is giving me nothing.

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Guesses include Kim Catrall, Erika Jayne, Lisa Rinna, Denise Richards, Heidi Klum.


Moose: He gives his life story singing Moose on the Loose, which talks about his wife, travels and being king.

He performs Power of Love by Huey Lewis and the News and it is adorable. It gives off karaoke vibes, but somehow he makes it work.

Charlene Tilton from Dallas presents the clue, which is an acceptance speech Moose never used.

Guesses include the Cheers crew, Jon Lovitz, John Goodman, Ed O’Neill.


The Moose is eliminated and he is none other than…….GEORGE WENDT FROM CHEERS!!! NORM!!!!!!!


The Battle Royale has the Doll and Scorpio singing Duran Duran’s Hungry Like the Wolf….and it’s a close call to guess who is going home. They are both pretty good in this battle.


Scorpio is eliminated and is identified as…………CHRISTINE QUINN FROM SELLING SUNSET!!!


More next week, stay tuned.

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