The Bachelorette 20 Premiere Recap for 6/26/2023

The Bachelorette 20 Premiere Recap for 6/26/2023

The Bachelorette 20 Premiere Recap for 6/26/2023

-It is the twentieth season of The Bachelorette….and I am old enough to remember season one with Trista Rehn and Ryan Sutter….the one which led to the very first wedding in the franchise.

-Charity Lawson is the twentieth Bachelorette. She was on Zach’s season and came in fourth place.

-She will meet 25 amazing men as she tries to find love.

-Her debut dress is GORGEOUS. WOW, that color is so beautiful.

-No video auditions?

-Aaron B.: He is called A-A-Ron. Of course he is. His video shows him playing piano and on the beach. He flips a coin: heads engagement, tails go home and of course it is heads.

-Josh: He takes her hand to feel his heartbeat….and to promise to guard and protect her heart or something like that. Dude, Kasey used that line in Ali’s season. It did not work for him.

-Joey: He is a Philly dude living in Hawaii, which leads to his video. He is a tennis pro who moved to Hawaii for his career. He gives her a flower to wear above her ear, right for being available, left for single and he hopes that she will be taken by the end.

-Warwick: Since his parents met on a flight, he booked one for them.

-Xavier: He is getting his doctorate in biomedical science in honor of his mom, who suffers from autoimmune diseases.

-Caleb: He is a doctor and has her use his stethoscope so she can hear his heartbeat.

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-Khalid: He tells her that her name means love and his means eternal or forever living, so they should put it together.

-Nick: He will fight for her.

-John Henry: He wears a diving mask so they can dive into this adventure together.

-Aaron S: He gives her a candle so they can make a wish together.

-Tanner: He brought her a Tanner Towel to represent the Terrible Towel from Pittsburgh.

-Chris: He is from White Plains, NY (not too far from where I lived in NY!) and is a world record jumper who flipped out when he found out she was The Bachelorette.

-Brayden: He is a nurse who gives her a shot….of tequila….for love.

-Spencer: He seems so nervous and does some sort of martial arts stuff.

-Caleb B:  He is a cowboy who is a professional wrestler.

-Joe: He is tall….and that’s all we learn.

-Kaleb K: He is also tall.

-Adrian: He is also very tall.

-James: He is an attorney.

-Peter: He is an airline pilot who wants to be her co-pilot in love.

-Michael: He is a yacht captain and gives her a charm bracelet of a boat.

-Taylor: He makes a home video for his future children.

Sean: He makes a donation to Charity, by giving her a big check from his heart….or something.

-John: He gives her a fortune cookie that says she will meet the man of her dreams tonight.

-Dotun: He is from Brooklyn and an integrative medicine consultant. His family is from Nigeria and felt a connection to Charity from the get-go.

-There is one more limo with a man she already knows and has a history with her. It is…..Nehemiah, her brother. He is there to wish her luck and offer support before the adventure begins.

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-Nehemiah is there to spy and check out the guys and make sure they are good enough for his sister….as the bartender. Just call him Undercover Brother.

-Everyone toasts and we get down to business.

-Each guy tries to get time with Charity.

-James’s parents sent them a note from his mom, which is a surprise even to him. She is a fan of Charity’s and think she is someone special. They are also gifted donuts and cider from the family farm.

-Xavier gets the first kiss of the night.

-Nehemiah is not happy that the guys want to kiss his sister. He questions the guys and tries to see if there is anything problematic with anyone.

-John gets the second kiss.

-First Impression Rose time! Everyone tries their best to woo her and it gets silly very quickly.

-Spencer is still nervous, especially since he has a son. He is thrilled when she is okay with it.

-Aaron B. plays the piano for her. He flips a coin for a kiss and of course it works in his favor.

-The guys wonder if they know Nehemiah and he wonders if the gig is up.

-Brayden gets a kiss and brags about it…making him a target.

-Nehemiah thinks Charity should know about this, but not before he reveals himself as her brother.

-Everyone is nervous because Nehemiah said he heard some things he didn’t like.

-Nehemiah has a heart to heart with Charity about what he learned, leaving her questioning Brayden’s intentions.

-Charity talks to Brayden, who tells her that he was just giddy and maybe got carried away.

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-Brayden gets the First Impression Rose!

-Rose ceremony time! Aaron B, John, Xavier, Joey, Caleb B, Warwick, Aaron S, Caleb A, Adrian, James, Sean, Michael, Tanner, Dotun, Kaleb K, John Henry, Josh and Spencer all get roses.

-Chris, Taylor, Nic, Peter, Khalid and Joe are eliminated.

-More next week, stay tuned.

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