Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for 5/15/2023

Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for 5/15/2023

Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for 5/15/2023

The episode opens with Bob, Ebun, Abishola and Dele debating about The Godfather. He wants Dele to watch it, but he thinks he will watch the best parts on YouTube.


Ebun and Abishola plan to go to Dottie’s because they know Christina isn’t doing a good job. Bob protests, so Ebun threatens to tell Dottie he doesn’t care. Dele says he will go study, but the ladies tell him that he is coming along and they will quiz him while he makes cocktails. Bob responds with a Godfather reference no one gets.


At MaxDot, Bob celebrates the mast Malaysian batch of socks and wants to have a party to celebrate the factory opening. The topic of the party leads to Douglas, Christina, Wati, Kofo, Goodwin, Christina and Dottie debating with Bob as to whether or not it is worth the money. He then assigns them all jobs despite the protests.


At the hospital, Abishola is in a bad mood, so she takes it out on Gloria. Kemi offers them a brownie left behind by a dead guy. They talk about the Dottie situation, but Abishola remains in a bad mood, despite the ladies offering their usual words of wisdom.


Kofo DJs the party while Bob’s family takes pictures and mingles. Bob gives a speech thanking everyone, which Ebun takes credit for. Abishola talks to Dottie about her exercises during the speech and Goodwin refuses to show up when Bob recognizes his hard work. He encourages him to relax, but he, along with Douglas and Wati want to work. This leads to them fighting over wasting money, while Kemi and Gloria watch and get drunk. Dottie defends Bob, while getting a martini (with her giving her fitness tracker to the bartender) and dancing.

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Abishola questions Christina about taking care of Dottie, leading to them fighting and Christina storming out with Dottie in tow.


Back at home, Abishola apologizes to Bob but he says he is not the one who needs the apology. She agrees to apologize to Dottie, not Christina, leading to yet another fight. He gets her to admit it is working out with Christina and they make up just as fast.


Douglas, Wati, Kofo and Goodwin clean up after the party, complaining about the money that was wasted. Wati insults Bob, causing Goodwin to finally defend his boss and friend. However, Wati convinces him work is more important, causing him to yell at Douglas when he is offered cookies.


Bob visits Dottie and gifts her a framed pair of the first second pair of socks for her office. They have a sweet bonding moment and go to lunch.


Christina is prepping Dottie’s meds when Abishola comes over. The two of them make up….despite Abishola giving her a condescending guide book. Bob and Dottie show up drunk, causing Christina to freak out and Abishola to be proud. Bob gets kicked out and Dottie is sent to bed.


The episode ends with Bob and Dottie bonding over lunch….and annoying each other in the process.

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