Outchef’d Recap for 7/27/2023

Outchef'd Recap for 7/27/2023

Outchef’d Recap for 7/27/2023

-This week, home cook Jonny Fine is up against professional chef Tiffani Faison!

-The two of them have 45 minutes to cook a dish involving duck.

-Jonny’s dish is a duck breast with kecap manis sauce and green beans.

-Tiffani makes a roasted duck breast with spicy duck fat and a ginger sweet potato puree.

-Tiffani ends up hurting herself and needs a medic to help her patch up her hand. She loses time on this and has to rush to catch up. As an aside, in emergencies like this, they should really make sure that the person is okay and stop the clock for both of them.

-Jonny’s duck is too rare and he worries it might not be done in time.

-As both contestants try to catch up and finish their dishes, Eddie goes on the streets to find the judges.

-Both dishes are done in time and the judges give the pros and cons on both.

-After each dish is tasted and judged, Jonny and Tiffani meet the judges in person. They are shocked to learn that they are everyday people Eddie found on the street.

-The judges seem to prefer Tiffani’s dish in a unanimous vote. Jonny didn’t win the money, but did get an autographed apron from Tiffani.


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