Night Court Recap for 4/25/2023

Night Court Recap for 4/25/2023

Night Court Recap for 4/25/2023

The episode begins with Neil being awkward with Abby, with Gurgs being snarky about it and comparing it to one of her own love situations.


Olivia begins her case which involves two people dressed as Smurfs. She also makes fun of Neil for being smally.  Dan presents his side of the case, but is interrupted by the mother of one of the defendants. Abby is confused, but gives out the punishment. Dan gets a drink tossed on him


Later on, Gurgs turns in her sword and badge because of the Dan debacle, but is interrupted by Olivia, who wants to talk about the Neil thing. Abby says nothing can happen with him because she has a fiance. They try to think of what Abby can do so Neil will fall out of love.


Gurgs and Dan go through an old box, which she wants to use as a way to make it up to him. He says this happens all the time.


Abby tries to talk to Neil to let him down gently, but he sees his old high school crush Gabby. He tries to hide, but she sees him and they have an awkward reunion. She is getting divorced and is bringing treats to everyone. Olivia is amused because Gabby is just like Abby…right down to liking the same Julia Child cookbook.


Later on, Olivia and Abby plot to get Neil and Abby together. Abby compares it to meeting Rand, which Olivia is NOT amused by.

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Gurgs continues to annoy Dan by not leaving his side, even when he has to go to the bathroom. She even gives him a monitor and child proofs his newspaper. He tries to get her to leave him alone by convincing someone in the holding cell to stage a drink throw so Gurgs can be a hero.


Olivia and Abby go to the dentist to talk to Gabby, who is with a patient who is tough. She says she needs to bring out the big guns and gets a jumbo hammer.


The girls bond with Olivia as the patient. Gabby says that her marriage ended when she and her ex drifted apart and the cute stopped being cute. Olivia finally says that Gabby needs to make a move on Neil.


Dan preps the prisoner so they can have Gurgs come to his rescue, but she is in the cafeteria with the girls. The three of them talk about Neil and Gabby, who are together in the hall. They realize Neil turned Gabby down and wonder why….while Dan’s plan falls apart.


Abby goes to talk to Neil about the situation and convinces him to ask Gabby out.


Dan brings a body guard in to talk to Gurgs and scare her away. She is hurt, but understands.


Abby tells Neil that Gabby said she had a good time on their date. He wants to hug everyone and goes to Dan, who is rescued by Gurgs. They agree the debt has been paid.


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Later on, Abby talks to Olivia about Rand and how her conversation with Gabby got her thinking about their relationship. However, she is swayed when she hears Rand outside playing Drops of Jupiter as the episode comes to a close.

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