ICYMI: Night Court Recap for Two Peas on a Pod

ICYMI: Night Court Recap for Two Peas on a Pod

The episode opens with a purse snatching case. Dan tries to defend the man, but Olivia brings in a witness who claims she is the victim of the robbery. However, she is a bit crazy, which Dan thinks he can work to his advantage.


Abby doesn’t want to make waves because the victim is her favorite podcast host. This leads to Gurgs talking about how she prefers audiobooks like Matthew McConaughey’s and everyone else trying to get back to business. However, the defendant disappears with Olivia’s purse, causing more chaos


Abby has Remecca t record her voicemail message and pitches an idea for an episode for her show. Neil pitches his idea for a podcast called The Neil World, while Olivia just wants to be a guest. Abby tries to pitch Dan as another potential guest, but he is uninterested. However, he changes his mind when he realizes he will spend two hours talking about himself. Gurgs still thinks the whole thing is ridiculous.


Remecca  talks to Dan,who tries to make himself sound as prestigious as possible.  She is more into his city council run, which only results in him incriminating himself for possible crimes. He pretends to choke and leaves the room.


Abby plays a recording of herself for Dan to test out what she sounds like for the podcast. Dan tells her not to do the podcast because of his mishap. However, she is standing firm on doing it.

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Gurgs, Neil and Olivia are also trying to figure out how to stand out on the podcast…..leading to Neil and Olivia pretending to have a romance.


Remecca and Abby bond over being from the same town as they do her portion of the podcast. Remecca only seems focused on Dan, making things complicated and uncomfortable.


Olivia coaches Neil on their fake relationship, which is mostly about how he should feel about Vanderpump Rules and not an actual relationship. When he questions her about this, she gets upset and storms off.


Abby tells Dan about telling Remecca some things she shouldn’t have about rehiring Dan, leading to the two of them and Gurgs talking about things that should not be said.


As Abby tries to do damage control with Remecca, Gurgs and Dan try to do some work of their own to fix things with an old metal detector. Later on, they show it to Abby who is confused. He tries to explain that it will erase things they told Remecca, but she is more condusesd than ever.


Neil and Olivia continue to fight, with her pacing through the metal detector. Dan and Gurgs try to stop her, but no avail.


Remecca and Abby argue about free speech until Dan promises a tell-all interview….but only if Abby is left out of it. Gurgs also makes her promise to give them all matresses in boxes. Abby isn’t sure this is a good idea, but Dan insists.


Neil and Olivia realize their fake relationship isn’t working, but continue to fake it when Remecca gives them an opportunity to be on another podcast.

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The gang gets ready to listen to the podcast when Gurgs says that Remecca was cancelled due to her sketchy past as a shock jock. It turns out Abby did some digging and Remecca’s assistant did the rest.


Dan and Abby have a bonding moment as the episode comes to a close.

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