ICYMI: Night Court Recap for Marathon-Thon-Thon-Thon-Thon

ICYMI: Night Court Recap for Marathon-Thon-Thon-Thon-Thon

ICYMI: Night Court Recap for Marathon-Thon-Thon-Thon-Thon

The episode opens with Gurgs pushing a guy in a room and calling him a creep. Dan and Olivia question what she is doing, and she says it is not the creep they are used to, but a new one.


Abby comes in and teases them for loitering. The guy Gurgs put in the room starts talking and it turns out that it is Abby’s fiance Rand.


Later on, they all talk and get to know Rand, who is in town for the marathon Abby is doing. Dan and Olivia are snarky, while Neil remains quiet.


Olivia mentions that she runs, so Abby asks if she wants to run sometime. However, Olivia says she runs alone.


Rand goes to get a seat and Abby asks Dan what he thinks of Rand. He remains snarky, which Abby assumes means that he likes him.


Later on, Gurgs and Dan are arguing over a bench. He wants to keep it and she finally agrees to help him, despite the fact that he is rude to her.


Abby and Rand talk about her co-workers and she admits she has trouble getting close to Olivia. He gives her some advice on how to bond, but she wants to do it on her own.


Abby gets Olivia tickets for a Justin Long show, but she is not interested, nor is she interested in the smoothies from Rand. She is also in pain from running, so she is pushing her self on a rolling chair, causing her to fall.

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Rand and Abby help Olivia train for the marathon, but she is more interested in watching the woman run at ‘Tom Cruise speed’ on the treadmill.


Gurgs and Dan talk to the janitor in hopes of buttering her up so the bench stays. However, she doesn’t want to talk to them and says they are getting rid of the bench once Dan insults her.


After another case is finished, Gurgs and Dan try to find ways to keep the bench, while Olivia finds more ways to get better running results….including talking to a defendant about steroids.  She tells Rand and Abby she is in beast mode.


Later on, Rand and Abby try to find other ways to get Olivia on their side. She wants to find her inner beast mode, so Rand helps her see that she has had it all along. She then asks Neil to drop and giver her twenty, but he refuses.


Gurgs and Dan try to switch out the bench with another one when the janitor comes back with plans to stomp roaches in the freight elevator. They pretend to do something else to avoid suspicion.


Abby trains Olivia, while Rand tries to convince Neil to become a water boy or H2Bro. He ends up spilling water, while Abby annoys everyone with her new beast mode attitude. She ends up getting hurt by overdoing it.


Dan talks to Abby about the bench, which leads them to having a heart to heart about how her life has changed since she moved. Rand comes in and they talk about her not doing the marathon. He says she can hand out water with Neil, who is trying to impress a crush. She decides to still run when he says Olivia is still runnning.

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Gurgs is still trying to keep the bench, but Dan says it might be time to let it go. However, he lets her purposely ruin it.


The marathon is over and the ladies are in pain.  They didn’t finish, so they talk through a makeshift one from the gang as the episode comes to a close.


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