Kids Baking Championship Recap for 2/27/2023

Kids Baking Championship Recap for 2/27/2023

Kids Baking Championship Recap for 2/27/2023

-It is the finale! I cannot believe it is here already!

-This commercial idea is adorable!

-Tonight’s challenge: Making a birthday cake based on their business and what they learned on the show.

-Sohan won the commercial part of the challenge, so he assigns everyone their cake and theme.


Cake Assignments:

Sohan: lemon and blueberry with a gardening theme.

Naho: ginger peach and with a skateboarding theme.

Naiel: coconut and lime with a sailing theme.


-Naho runs out of batter for her layers and now must make more. She also struggles to make the flavor combination work since it is not something she has made before.

-Valerie bonding with Naho over her shyness really melted my heart.

-One of Naiel’s cakes fell apart because it got stuck to the pan. He now must improvise in order to finish his cake on time.

-TWIST! Add an edible candle–bonus points if it can be lit up.

-Naiel’s other layer breaks and now he must try to find another way to make his cake work.

-Naho runs out of buttercream and needs to make more, and she also worries about finishing her top tier.

-It is so sweet when the kids help each other.

-Naiel’s decorations fall off, so now he must improvise to fix them.



Naho: Her cake fits the theme and looks cheerful. The candle lights up, despite looking like a pickle. The flavor is amazing.

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Naiel: The cake looks gorgeous and his candle lights up as suggested. The flavor is moist and sweet.

Sohan: The cake decoration looks very professional, despite a bit of messiness. His candle also lights up. It tastes like a ‘chewy, cakey cookie.’


Now it is time to find out who wins……and the winner is…………NAIEL!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!



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