ICYMI: Call Me Kat Recap for Call Me Worth The Wait

ICYMI: Call Me Kat Recap for Call Me Worth The Wait

ICYMI: Call Me Kat Recap for Call Me Worth The Wait

The episode opens with Max working on a song. He talks to Kat about why she is up and plays his song. It is about a friend from way back when coming back into his life and being worth the wait. Kat thinks it is about her since it has a lot of their special moments in the lyrics. He says it has a long way to go but he is happy she likes it. They kiss and decide to have fun on the couch, which includes beatboxing.


The next day, Kat talks to a potential new cat mom, who is bonding with Meow-im Bialik. She gives her an application and yells a question at her. The woman answers correctly, but Sheila makes fun of how Kat handled things.


Randi is excited that Carter’s son is visiting and wants to be the fun, pretty stepmom. Kat and Sheila are excited for her and offer their own commentary on the situation.


Later on, CJ arrives and Randi is excited that he is there. She got him various chicken snacks, but he wants Taco Bell. She agrees, but Carter says they will eat at home, much to their disappointment.


At the bar, Sheila, Kat and Randi go to watch Max sing. Randi says CJ is at the movies and that she taught him how to sneak into an R-Rated movie. During Max’s performance, Kat still thinks the song is about her…..until he begins to sing about things that happened with his ex Brigette….who appears in her mind.

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Back at home, Kat is eating ice cream and still imagining Brigette. Max comes home and says he got the gig with Kelsey that he wanted. She is upset that the song changed, causing them to fight.


Carter, CJ and Randi are playing video games when Carter says it is bedtime. CJ and Randi protest, but Carter stands firm, causing him and Randi to argue about being good cop/bad cop.


The next day, Sheila brings wine for Kat so they can talk about the song. Kat still feels insecure about everything, especially since she is still imagining Brigette. Sheila tells her to be more wild, so Kat decides to be like Sandy from Grease, Sheila thinks she should have a Vegas adventure, but tells her to do her.


Randi is playing video games and wants CJ to join, but he is going to the library. She lets him go, but finds out he has beer. She threatens to tell Carter, but he convinces her not to until she agrees.


Kat is dressed all sexy for Max, which he thinks is for an anniversary. They decide to make the most of it, but not before Kat tries to send Brigette away. They end up at the water tower to have an adventure, but she ends up stuck on a fence and falling in mud.


Carter comes home and wants to take CJ out, but Randi tells him about the beer issue. They talk about how Randi has to handle things as a stepmom and go to talk to CJ.

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Kat and Max go on top of the water tower to see the city, but they both end up in more of a mess. She drops the poem she wrote, gets her heel stuck and falls….just as the cops arrive and catch them trespassing.


Kat apologizes to Max in the cop car and they talk about their relationship. They end up making their own song together and declare their love for one another as the show comes to an end.



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