Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for 4/17/2023

Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for 4/17/2023

Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for 4/17/2023

The episode opens with Bob, Chuey, Tunde and a bunch of guys watching cricket. Chuey leaves to be with Kemi, leaving Bob to wonder when they will be getting married. He isn’t sure, but Bob, Tunde and the pastor convince him that it is time. He realizes they are right and plans to go buy a ring.


However, when Chuey leaves, Tunde hints that it might not be a good idea after all, leaving Bob confused.


Later on, Bob is drinking wine with Ebun and Abishola that was sent over by Chuey. Ebun wonders why he sent over wine, so Bob tells them that Chuey is about to propose. Abishola explodes at this since she knows Kemi doesn’t want to get married again, causing Dele to go back to his room. Bob says this could be a good thing, but the ladies are not convinced.


Tunde and Olu show Kofo his new apartment, making it seem as appealing as possible. They make him a sweet deal he cannot refuse, even though Olu wants to nix any special treatment.


At the hospital, Kemi gives Abishola and Gloria food because she is excited for her fancy date with Chuey. Abihsola convinces her not to go, but Kemi thinks she is jealous and walks off.


At MaxDot, Christina does a presentation, which involves people who love feet. Dottie thanks the ‘freaks,’ earning a warning from Douglas.


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Goodwin wants to stay at work, but won’t admit is is because he misses Kofo. Everyone decides to leave, but he convinces Douglas to stay…even though Christina offered.


During dinner, Chuey tells Kemi that he wanted the night to be special. Bob and Abishola show up to spy and give Chuey support. Kemi is not happy to see them and thinks Abishola is obsessed with her.


Chuey proposes, only to be turned down by Kemi.


Abishola follows Kemi to the bus and they talk about what happened. Kemi then admits she thinks Chuey deserves better and admits that she wasn’t the best wife in her first marriage. Abishola convinces her Chuey loves her the way she is and to give it a chance.


Tunde, Kofo and Bob talk about the apartment. Kofo is still unsure, but Bob convinces him to take it. He wants to get a puppy, which Olu is against, but Tunde says he will talk to her about it.


Bob and Abishola talk about the Kemi situation while looking at old pictures. They decide to help them, but need to act quickly before Chuey leaves town.


Kofo talks to Goodwin and lets him know he is taking the apartment. They have an awkward, sweet moment before saying their goodbyes.


The next day, Gloria and Abishola make Kemi the center of attention, much to her delight. It involves everyone dancing and singing for her flash mob style….leading to Chuey proposing again and her saying yes…..with her own rules for the marriage.  Everyone dances in celebration.

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The episode ends with Tunde and Kofo bonding as the move in begins.

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