ICYMI: Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for Happy People Are Lazy

ICYMI: Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for Happy People Are Lazy

ICYMI: Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for Happy People Are Lazy

The episode opens with Bob making Abishola a cat faced pancake for her MCATs. Ebun thinks it is too much sugar and makes him feel bad, while Dele agrees and adds that it looks like an elephant.


Abishola comes in and reveals that she is not taking the test today because she postponed it. She wants to wait until the factory is up and running, but everyone makes her feel bad about it. She also insults the pancakes, which Bob throws in the garbage.


Christina doodles ideas for a new children’s campaign. Kofo likes it and thinks Goodwin will feel the same. They discuss their careers and where they stand when Douglas and Goodwin walk in. Goodwin makes Douglas erase the doodles, which upsets Christina, especially when he makes her help.


At the hospital, Abishola and Kemi are eating lunch with Abishola and wondering why she is not taking the MCATS. They all think she is making a mistake because they need more Black women doctors. She tries to protest that this is for the best, but they call her lazy.


Bob tells Tunde about Abishola not taking the test. Tunde thinks she is giving up her dream to help Bob achieve his and says it is common in their culture. Bob wants her to continue to achieve her dreams while he goes after his, but Tunde continues to talk about what Abishola is doing.

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Christina tries to talk to Goodwin about her ideas and he agrees to let her come up with something and use it if it is better than Kofo’s ideas. She wonders what will happen if her idea is better and he tells her that he will take care of Kofo….which worries Christina.


Abishola asks Dottie if her friends need some help for some side work, but Bob tells her that she should be focusing on the MCATS. She finally says that she isn’t sure she wants to be a doctor anymore. He hugs her when he sees she is upset, while Dottie continues to get her potential clients.


The next day, Abishola is getting ready for work and is upset that she cannot find her ID. She keeps freaking out, so Bob convinces her to take a mental health day. She finally agrees and calls into work, despite her being upset that Gloria referred to it as such. Kemi is just as surprised.


Ebun snarks at Bob for not paying attention to Abishola or knowing what is going on. She thinks she needs her mom to tell her she is an idiot. She then tries to ask Dele, but Bob sends him to his room, saying it is a trap.


Later on, Christina calls Abishola for work advice. Abishola isn’t interested and admits she is taking a mental health day. Christina thinks it is a trap to get her to work on her own.


Dele is playing video games, which Bob’s thinks is fun, especially since all the characters are named after family members. The two of them talk about what is going on with Abishola. Bob is still worried, but Dele thinks she is okay and continues with her game.

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Tunde and Olu go to see Abishola at the laundromat and allow her to finally open up about her fears. They tell her she is happy and this is the root of everything.


Christina finally tells Kofo about what is going on with her opportunity and he says she deserves it….but he won’t give up without a fight. This causes them to banter with some innuendo on the side.


Abishola tells Bob about her talk with Tunde and Olu. She tells him she will be going back to accomplish her goals and doesn’t want him to help her in any way.


The episode ends with a flashback of Tunde and Olu meeting…..and Ebun getting in the way.


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