Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for 4/10/2023

Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for 4/10/2023

Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for 4/10/2023

The episode opens with Dottie and Bob showing Dele and Abishola pictures from the past. Abishola and Dele make snarky comments with each picture and story.


Bob wants to know if Abishola has pictures from the past, but she refuses to show them to him….nor will she let him go to the dance. Bob argues that Dele should know about the past, but she still says no and Dele leaves the room.


Kofo, Goodwin, Christina, Douglas, Dottie and Bob are in a meeting when Bob says he has tickets to a game. He gives them to Douglas, who has a date. However, he says it won’t be with Olivia, since they broke up. He doesn’t want to talk about it, but everyone keeps talking about it. Bob feels left out for not knowing what was going on. Kofo ends up with the tickets.


Kemi is on the phone with her son and grandchildren while Abishola and Gloria listen to her act silly. Gloria asks questions about their relationship and Kemi and Abishola tell her that adults don’t share things with kids because it is none of their business. However, Gloria thinks kids should know things, so Kemi calls her son back to question him about his prostate.


That night, Ebun is on the phone while Abishola tries to talk to her. This only serves to annoy Ebun, who hangs up and snarks on her laundry skills and nosiness.

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The next day, Bob tries to talk to Douglas, but he is not interested. Things remain awkward until Douglas gets hurt. He wants Goodwin to help him, but Bob is the only one there to help. The two of them fight the entire way to the hospital, but Bob promises to be there for him.


At home, Abishola finally decides to show Dele pictures from her past. She tells him stories, including how she used to own a motorcycle and how she met his father. He realizes she is a real person, but she wants him to still think of him as his mom.


At the hospital, Bob tries to get Douglas seen quicker, but the nurse won’t let him until Abishola shows up.


Later on, everyone is there to celebrate Douglas being okay, including Tunde and Olu. Everyone babies him with ice, beer and ice cream. Bob even tells him he is proud of his hard work and that he loves him. The two of them bond over sports, while Olu and Ebun share childhood stories, making Abishola happy to finally know about her family history.


The episode ends with Bob and Abishola watching baseball, Douglas texting Bob about his date and the two of them discussing post-divorce, pre-each other life.


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