The Masked Singer Recap for 11/9/2022

The Masked Singer Recap for 11/16/2022

The Masked Singer Recap for 11/9/2022

Tonight’s episode of The Masked Singer on Fox opens with the late Leslie Jordan substituting for Dr. Ken Jeong as a judge. Joel McHale is also on hand to help.


The Bride: He sings Shut Up And Dance by Walk The Moon. He definitely has some rock vibes going on and spirit for days… of the clues was being in a band and going solo—could it be one of ths surviving Beatles

GOAT Clue: Action Hero


Guesses: David Cloverdale, Carrot Top, Jean Claude Van Damme.



The Gopher:  He sings It’s Your Thing by the Isley Brothers. He has a deep, soothing voice that is almost comforting. Again, I have no clue who this could be. The clues are winning a Grammy and having a spaceship in the Smithsonian, but they are not really helping me at this point.




Guesses: Martin Lawrence, Flava Flav, Little Nas, George Wallace, Sly Stone, George Clinton.


The Venus Fly Trap: He Sings Get Ready by The Temptations. It is by far the best performance of the night. Lots of good vocals, spirit and FUN! The clues include being the best in history in his twenties and forties and there is a piece of him in our homes.


GOAT CLUE: 100 million


Guesses: Mike Tyson, Bo Jackson, Charles Barkley, George Foreman


The first one eliminated is the Venus Fly Trap—what the EFFFF? I thought he was the best!

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Final Guesses: Bo Jackson, Charles Barkley, Mike Tyson, Mickey Rourke, George Foreman.




The Bride and the Gopher do a sing off performing All Star from Smash Mouth.


The Bride wins the sing off, which sends the Gopher home.


Final Guesses: Flava Flav, George Wallace, Bootsy Collins, George Clinton,


The Gopher is George Clinton!!!


More next week, stay tuned!

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