ICYMI: America’s Got Talent All Stars Recap for 2/6/2023

ICYMI: America's Got Talent All Stars Recap for 2/6/2023

Act 1: Daneliya Tuleshova: AGT 15: Singer: She competed in 2020 as a young teen. She is now sixteen and living on her own in America. Tonight she sings Duncan Laurence’s Arcade and completely blows everyone away. Her voice is a powerhouse and she proved that win or lose, she is going places.

The judges give her a standing ovation.


Act 2: Eric Chien: Asia’s Got Talent 2019 Winner, AGT 14–Magician:  Heidi is there to help him as he makes objects disappear from thin air. I can’t even put into words how good it is….but it is amazing.

Simon isn’t a fan, but Howie and Heidi enjoy it.


Act 3: Voices of Hope Children’s Choir: AGT 13–Choir: They are adorable and somehow shine even more than they did when they were first on the show. I love their positivity and sweetness.

Howie isn’t impressed, but Heidi and Simon think they did well.


Act 4: Brandon Leake: AGT 15 winner–Poet: He is by far one of my favorite winners. I love free verse and spoken word and Brandon excels at it. Tonight he talks about a homeless man he met on the streets and it is so powerful it brings me to tears.

The judges love him and think he has something special.


Act 5: Lukas and Falco: Das Supertalent Winner, AGT 14–Animal Act: I have such a soft spot for acts like this. I cannot believe the dog is 13 now and still going strong. The other two dogs, aged 7 and 10 are also like fine wine, getting better with age. The Top Gun theme is amazing and made me smile from start to finish.

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Simon isn’t a fan, but the others seem to enjoy it.


Act 6: Kodi Lee: AGT 14 Winner/Gabrielle Union’s Golden Buzzer–Singer: What is it about him that always makes me cry? His story is amazing and seeing him grow as a performer is such an honor…..I have no words.

The judges think he is the definition of an all-star.


Act 7: Brett Loudermilk: AGT 15–Variety: Heidi helps him with his act and ends up getting buzzed because she has trouble. He swallows an animal balloon, names it and coughs it up. All righty, then!

Simon is not a fan, but Howie and Heidi are mesmerized.


Act 8: Flau’Jae: AGT 13—Rapper: Her act is amazing….there is something so powerful about her act and I really hope she makes it to the next round….WOW.

The judges think she is a talented MVP.


Act 9: Josh Blue: AGT 16–Comedian: I looovvvvveedddd him when he was on initially. He is funny, engaging and so inspiring. Tonight is no exception. I am laughing from start to finish.

The judges love him and think he is what we all need now.



Act 10: Sethward: AGT 15-17–Variety: Of course he is back because he has been an icon for the past three seasons. I have no words…..he is so fun to watch and it wouldn’t be AGT without him.

He gets buzzed three times–all by Simon.


Josh, Kodi and Brandon are in the top three, with Kodi making it to the next round.



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