ICYMI: Young Sheldon Recap for An Expensive Glitch and a Goof Off Room

ICYMI: Young Sheldon Recap for An Expensive Glitch and a Goof Off Room

ICYMI: Young Sheldon Recap for An Expensive Glitch and a Goof Off Room

The episode opens with Adult Sheldon looking back at his school days and how he was always on a schedule and acted precocious. He says it all changed when he went to college and had more free time.


Young Sheldon talks to President Hagemeyer about it, annoying her until she gives him his own dorm room.


MeeMaw and Georgie are at the laundromat gambling room when MeeMaw wonders how they can get more people. Georgie suggests advertising, but MeeMaw reminds him that it is illegal.


They end up snarking at one another until June comes in to gamble.  After a bit of chit chat, June goes to play while Georgie suggests that they have punch cards for customers. MeeMaw reminds him that people can cheat the system, so Georgie uses his sandwich card to cheat his way into getting a free sandwich.


At that moment, June wins $11,000, causing MeeMaw to panic and try to figure out how to get her the money.


Sheldon tells Mary and George about his new dorm room. They give him the no party rule and tell him to get an alarm clock so he doesn’t oversleep. Missy thinks this is unfair, so she begins to complain. George tells her to appreciate what she has, only to complain about his own life.


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At school, Sheldon runs into Sam, who is trying to find a place to study. She tells him her roommate has a sock on a door, so she cannot be in there. He is confused, but offers to let her use his room.


When they get to the room, Sam is jealous he has a single with two closets and a bathroom. He begins to brag about it, which causes her to tell him off and storm out of the room.


MeeMaw tells June she doesn’t have money to pay her, so June demands to be made partner. She does not want to do this, but feels as if she has no choice.


Later on, MeeMaw tells Georgie about the situation, which upsets him. He wonders how long June will be partner, causing MeeMaw to remind him they don’t have any money to pay her. She wants to yell, but Georgie reminds her about her blood pressure. She then decides to have a cigarette, which he says is no better. As she leaves, she says the end may be near.


Sheldon is concerned about Sam thinking he is not a good person, so he goes to Dr. Sturgis for advice. He uses pop culture and sci-fi references to help him, which leads to his dorm room being used as a study space for other students.


MeeMaw arrives at the laundromat casino, where she finds out that June added twinkle lights. She is not happy with the changes, nor the fact that Georgie is going along with it. She takes Georgie out to lunch to discuss it, which leads to another argument. MeeMaw wants him to leave, but he wants his chicken fingers.

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Sam and Sheldon walk to the dorm room, where two people who were ‘studying’ are just leaving. He thinks they are going to ace their midterms, but Sam tries to explain to him that they are not using it for studying.


Later on, Missy is watching TV with George. She wants to watch 90210 and tells George that it is a show about high school kids in Beverly Hills. He suggests the Beverly Hillbillies, saying it is like MeeMaw moving to California.


At that moment, several people call Sheldon to use the dorm room. At first, Mary and George are happy about it, but then realize that they are using it as a goof off room. They go to tell Sheldon, who wants to catch them in the act. The two of them say it is not a good idea and maybe wait until morning. Sheldon grumbles about the dirty goof offs as his parents leave.


The episode ends with George and Missy watching the Beverly Hillbillies….as MeeMaw goes to hunt down Georgie for making more changes to the casino with June.

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