Night Court Recap for 1/24/2023

Night Court Recap for 1/24/2023

NIGHT COURT -- “Just Tuesday” Episode 105 -- Pictured: (l-r) India de Beaufort as Olivia, Kapil Talwalkar as Neil, Lacretta as Donna Gurgs -- (Photo by: Jordin Althaus/NBC/Warner Bros. Television)

Night Court Recap for 1/24/2023

The episode opens with Abby giving Dan, Olivia and Neil treats. She explains that she took everyone’s allergies and preferances into consideration when baking.


Gurgs comes in and says someone named Graziano was arrested again. Abby thinks something more is going on and wants to use compassion, leading Dan to make a fortune based on bets he made with the others.


One of the officers gives Olivia a police car light as a gift. Gurgs gives her a look and says that she gets gifts from the coroner.


Graziano shows up, with Dan as his lawyer. He suggests ‘lots o’ jail’ via a note while Abby brings in a priest to try to get through to Graziano. Dan is not too keen on this idea. It turns out Graziano is actually Lorenzo and an undercover cop….which everyone finds out thanks to Neil’s big mouth. Abby asks if they can all keep a secret and if they are all lying about the fact that they can.


Later on, they all discuss the case and how Lorenzo was trying to go undercover to help bring a criminal to justice. Gurgs thinks it is pretty cool.


Olivia tries to talk to some of her cop friends, but is iced. She complains, but has no time to worry because Abby wants to talk to them all. She just ends up going on a rant and sends everyone home.


The next day, Olivia reports that the cops took away her perks because they are mad at her. She has no idea why they are so mad, but thinks things will be better when Abby gives them treats. However, she says there are no more treats and inspiration because she will be a regular judge with NO BRING YOUR DOG TO COURT DAY!

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Everyone is upset with this new bit of information.


Olivia is upset her car was towed and tries to talk to the officers about it, but they couldn’t care less. Gurgs offers to go undercover to get to the bottom of it.


The next case is a drunk and disorderly Dungeons and Dragons player. Abby takes the case way too seriously, upsetting Dan. He tries to argue on behalf of his client, but ends up being held in contempt. He gets a second one after blowing raspberries.


Neil tries to keep Treat Tuesday alive by bringing in cupcakes…..from an adult bakery. They do nothing to cheer her up, especially when he brings up Dan. He thinks he made things worse, but plans to act like everything went well.


Gurgs talks to the cops to get the goods on Olivia, but ends up flirting with one of them. The plan to go undercover does not go well and only upsets Olivia.


Neil goes to talk to Dan in the holding cell. He refuses to help until Neil tells him how Abby isn’t acting like herself and complaining about his defects of character. He finally agrees to pay his bail, but not take down the guards the way Neil suggested.


Dan goes to talk things out with Abby and they bond about recovery. Abby admits she is in recovery and Dan says his late wife was as well. She also admits she lost a lot of time with her dad and is glad he had the chance to see her get better. She is also afraid of failing him again by messing up on the job, but Dan assures her that that will not be the case. He then takes an adult cupcake and eats it with out questions.

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Gurgs tries to question her new crush Grayson, but Olivia won’t let her and goes to yell at the cops herself. She only embarrasses herself because she ranted and incriminated herself in front of Internal Affairs. Gurgs continues to show off for Grayson.


The episode ends with everyone eating X rated treats.

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