Kids Baking Championship Recap for 1/16/2023

Kids Baking Championship Recap for 2/20/2023

Kids Baking Championship Recap for 1/16/2023


  • It is FESTIVAL DAY in the kitchen! Or KBC Food Festival, if you will.


  • Each contestant will be making a dessert in a jar. They will taste each other’s at the end of the challenge and vote on their favorites.


  • The twist? They also need to make their own booth.

The Desserts:

Naiel: Cheesecake with lemon and rosemary flavoring, a graham cracker crust and berry compote on top.

Alissa: Banana pudding with spice cake and vanilla cream.

Sohan: Lemon meringue pie using Meyer lemons.

Nash: Whoopie pie with chocolate and raspberry and marshmallow cream.

Peyton: Berry shortcake with a buttery biscuit and whipped cream.

Genevieve: No bake raspberry cheesecake with graham cracker crust.

Naho: Banana pudding with sugar cookies and caramel.

Ozan: Lemon meringue pie with a graham cracker crust.

Jason: Berry shortcake with vanilla cake, pastry cream and berries.



  • Alissa overfilled her jars, so she has no room for her pudding. She pushes them down to try and make it work.


  • Twist time! They need to add a crumble layer to the dessert. This saves Alissa’s behind because she can just crumble some of her cake for the challenge.


  • Valerie and Duff are impressed with the adult flavors used by Naiel.


  • Sohan makes a raspberry crumble to add to his pie.


  • Nash uses cinnamon and oats mixed with chocolate for his crumble.


  • Peyton uses her biscuits, shortbread and berries for her crumble.
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  • Genevieve also decides to make a raspberry crumble.


  • Naho settles on a cinnamon crumble.


  • Jason underbakes his cake, which worries the judges. Valerie talks to him about it, as well as his idea for using a shortbread crumble.


  • Alissa uses a spiced crumble.


  • Genevieve runs out of jam and must rush to make more.


  • Naho burns her caramel and decides to use chocolate as a replacement.


  • The kids are so cute trying all the desserts. It is a dream come true for someone my age….as a young kid like them, it must be even better.


Judgement Table:

Alissa: They like the naturalness of the dessert, but not sure about the colored whipped cream. The cake is the real winner of the dessert—to the point where they want her to make it again.

Peyton: It is colorful, but a bit messy. The flavor is delicious, but not quite what they wanted for a strawberry shortcake.

Ozan: Valerie is disappointed because it is not filled completely, but Duff loves his creativity. They both love the taste of it though.

Naiel: His cheesecake looks stunning and tastes even better, despite the seeds and crumble being a bit chewy.

Nash: His jar is a bit messy due to the marshmallow being too thin, but the rest of it is delicious…..except for the crumble.

Naho: Her jar is also messy, but are delicious.

Genevieve: Her cheesecake is so good that Duff has to move it so he won’t eat it all.

Jason: His dessert is beautiful, but a bit underdone. The rest of it is good, but could have used a bit more salt.

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Sohan: His pie has the perfect combination of flavors.


  • Naho’s dessert was the favorite and she is safe from elimination.


  • Genevieve and Sohan were the top two picked by Duff and Valerie, with Genevieve winning the challenge. They are both safe.


  • Nash and Peyton are in the bottom two, with Peyton going home.


  • More next week, stay tuned.
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