Kids Baking Championship Recap for 1/2/2023

Kids Baking Championship Recap for 1/2/2023

Kids Baking Championship Recap for 1/2/2023

  • Episode 2 is a dessert mashup extravaganza… more or less the episode of Psych where Shawn and Gus had a food truck of mashup foods, Lassiter’s wife have birth in said truck and we never found out if that was Mauricio in there.


  • The contestants also need to come up with a cool name and make something that can possibly go viral. They will have two and a half hours to bake said dessert.


  • Genevieve: Pecan pie and donuts. She will make a donut with pecan pie filling and a caramel glaze–a poughnut, if you will.


  • Alissa: Brownies and tiramisu, aka a trownie with ladyfinger crust, hazelnut brownies and mascarpone topping.


  • Naiel: Pecan pie and donut. This is a donut sandwich with pecan filling and mascarpone whipped cream.


  • Foster: Churros and chocolate cream pie. She makes churro cupcakes.


  • TWIST! They must add tie dye colors to one part of the dessert.


  • Nash: Upside down cake with panna cotta. He makes a peach cake with panna cotta on top.


  • Nash runs into a problem when he overfills the tins and makes a mess. He tries to fix it by putting it into the blast chiller, which makes it worse, so he makes a different version of it.


  • Peyton: Cheesecake and eclair. She makes cream puffs with cream cheese, tie dyed filling.


  • Duff goes around to talk to the kids and gives Toby advice on how to fix his dessert.
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  • Ozan: Brownie and tiramisu. He makes a Brownie-su, aka a brownie tiramisu bar.


  • Valerie also goes around to help the kids, offering advice along the way.


  • Jason: Upside down cake with panna cotta. He makes it into a molded dessert in honor of his sister.


  • Sohan: Cheesecake and eclair. He adds mango and matcha flavors to honor his heritage.


  • Toby continues to have trouble with his churro chocolate cream dessert. He manages to pull through and make it work.


  • Alissa is excited about her own successful dessert….until her crust begins to crumble.


  • Nash still struggles with the panna cotta seeping into his dessert.


  • I love seeing the kids helping each other and offering encouragement to each other.


  • Genevieve has issues getting her cake out of the pan. The top gets stuck to the pan and there is no time for her to make another one. She finds a way to try and fix it, but it is still a mess. Then she finds another plan to make it work, but is still not happy with how it looks.


  • Alissa presents her Trownie dessert with a ladyfinger crust and mascarpone cream, Despite the fact that it is in the pan, it is delicious. She just needs to work on balancing the flavor a bit more.


  • Nash’s Up-Down peach panna cotta upside down cake meets the requirements for the tie dye, but the mash up didn’t work out well. However, it is delicious.


  • Genvieve’s Poughnut Cake is pronounced as ‘happy looking,’ but has way too much cinnamon.
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  • Toby’s Churco Pizza seems a bit rushed and is missing the tie dye. However, the judges love the chocolate cream.


  • Jason’s Pina Colada Cake-Coda looks restaurant worthy and tastes even better.


  • Peyton’s S’more Puff cream puffs are lacking cream, but it tastes delicious.


  • Naiel’s Dough-Not-Pick-On-Me has a great flavor profile and amazing look. However, the donut is a bit too dry.


  • Naho’s coconut macaroon/blondie mashup, aka the Aloha, Macaroon-ies has all the flavor, but lacks texture.


  • Ozan’s Brownie-Su bar is messy but has an incredible flavor.


  • Foster’s Cha Cha Upcake is has great flavor, but too much icing.


  • Sohan’s Triple M Cha-Clair is missing part of the eclair flavor.


  • Ozan and Jason are the top bakers of the night, with Jason winning the challenge. They are both safe.


  • Naho, Alissa, Naiel, Genvieve, Foster, Nash and Peyton are all safe.


  • Toby and Sohan are in the bottom two, with Toby going home.


  • More next week, stay tuned!
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