AGT All Stars Recap for 1/2/2023

AGT All Stars Recap for 1/2/2023

AGT All Stars Recap for 1/2/2023

Welcome to AGT: All Stars on NBC. Tonight, acts from all different versions of the franchise will compete for the chance to be in the finals for this special series. Terry Crews hosts, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and Simon Cowell judge.


Bello Sisters: AGT 15. They were on the show in 2020 and were forced to perform virtually because of COVID restrictions.

This time, they are live and better than ever, getting a well deserved standing ovation. WOW.


Aneeshwar Kunchala: Britian’s Got Talent 2022. He is a seven year old poet who made it to the top ten in his season. His poem about animals is intense and powerful.


However, my favorite part is him yelling at Simon for putting gum under the desk. The judges simply adore him!


Caly Bevier: AGT 11. She is a singer who was Simon’s first Golden Buzzer. She has only improved with age, for she was only sixteen when she competed the first time.

Everyone agrees that she is a star.


Lioz: Austraila’s Got Talent 2019 and AGT 13: He is a magician comedian who failed to win Heidi over the first time around. To make up for it, he has her be a part of the act, but he fails to impress the judges.


Jeanick Fournier: Canada’s Got Talent Winner 2022. She is a singer who does Never Gonna Love Again from A Star is Born. WOW. I have no words except–how in the world did she not get the Golden Buzzer? Really?

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Light Balance Kids: AGT 14. They are now teenagers and able to do much more challenging routines. Despite the fact that they have such a sad backstory regarding the Russian invasion, they do a game themed dance filled with lots of fun.



Berywam: AGT 14. They are an a capella group that competed in 2019, making it to the quarterfinals. Their beatbox audition act has the most views in the show’s history and tonight proves why. They combine beatboxing, rapping and dinging, making a special sound that makes them one of the best acts of the night.

The judges love them and think that they are even better than before.


Alan Silva: AGT 15. He made it to the top 5 in 2020 with his aerial act. Tonight he decides to use less danger and more vulnerability, making him show a different side of himself. I am in awe of him and cannot stop crying….WOW.

The judges think he is one of the best silk acts they have ever seen.


Jimmie Herrod: AGT 16. Sofia Vergara gave him her Golden Buzzer and managed to even win over Simon with his rendition of Tomorrow from Annie. Tonight he is even better and really makes everyone see why he made it so far in the first place.

The judges think he is brilliant and say he is one of their favorites.


Terry Fator: AGT 2 Winner. He is probably one of the most successful winners the show has ever seen. He has been in Vegas for many years and hopes to inspire more people with his return.

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He is even better than ever and I am floored by how he is able to take iconic songs and make them his own—with puppets, no less.

The judges think his return is a dream come true and absoutely love him.


Now it is time to see who is in the top three in terms of votes. Bello Sisters, Caly and Terry are in the top three. Only one will move to the next round.


Caly is in third place.

Terry is in second place.

Bello Sisters are moving to the finals.


More tomorrow, stay tuned.

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