Love Me As I Am: Memoir of 2022 Part 2

Love Me As I Am: Memoir of 2022 Part 2

Love Me As I Am: Memoir of 2022 Part 2

In today’s Best Of 2022 series, TVGrapevine would like to honor Garcelle Beauvais, author of Love Me As I Am.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star released the book earlier this year and no topic is off limits. She talks about her life in Haiti, coming to America (both her own experience and the movie franchise), love, motherhood and everything in between.

Garcelle told the story in such a way that it felt like you were on a couch with a girlfriend, drinking wine and talking about life. Her story had its serious moments, but still had a lighthearted, relatable feel. Garcelle may be a superstar in her own estimation, but she is still the everywoman who inspires those around her with her words of wisdom and positivity.

For this, Love Me As I Am is also TVGrapevine’s Memoir of 2022.

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