Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for 12/5/2022: Idle Nigerians

Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for 12/5/2022: Idle Nigerians

Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for 12/5/2022: Idle Nigerians

This week’s Bob Hearts Abishola opens with Bob and Abishola talking about the nurses’ strike. Abishola is upset about it, but Bob tries to get her to calm down.


As she vents, he gets an estimate from his roofer. She thinks he should pray more, so he does a sarcastic prayer. However, she finds out that the strike is happening and goes to see her patients one more time, despite Bob’s protests.


At the protest, Gloria and Abishola are picketing when Kemi walks by, telling them she can sneak them in. This leads to a debate on crossing picket lines and Gloria fighting with Abishola. Kemi, for her part pretends to be a part of the strike so she can get in faster.


Tunde and Olu visit Bob, but only serve to annoy him. She leaves Tunde to work with Bob, saying there is a surprise in his lunch box. He knows it is a Twinkie and then goes to help Bob. However, they only debate on how to do things and how the factory is losing money.


At home, Ebun snarks at Abishola over the strike. Abishola tries to fins something to do, only to find out Ebun and Dele did it. Dele even offers to take out the trash, but she tells him not to.


Bob is frustrated at the factory when Abishola comes over to help. He tries to pretend things are okay and has her help Tunde set up the office. She thinks he is getting rid of her, but he still pretends everything is okay. Tunde, however, is upset that his surprise was an apple.

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Kemi picks a fight with one of the temporary nurses, who doesn’t seem bothered by her attitude. She has experience with strikes, which upsets Kemi even more. However, her kindness, wins over Kemi, even though she pretends to still be mad.


Tunde and Abishola talk about the problems at the factory.He tries to deny there are any issues, but then Bob walks in soaked from snaking the drain.


As the trio clean up the flood, Bob finally confesses to the issues. Abishola is upset he kept her in the dark, causing him to storm off to the hardware store. Tunde insists Bob is doing well.


Back at the hospital, Abishola wants the strike to end, but Gloria insists that they keep fighting for what they want. Kemi cheers her on, confessing that she misses her friends. She tries to help, but isn’t good at it.


Abishola goes to visit Dottie, who thinks that she is leaving Bob. She tells her about the factory issues and thinks that they can offer him some sort of help. Dottie thinks she wants money, but Abishola thinks she should pay it forward by being supportive of Bob for a change. She agrees to help.


At the factory, Bob is still trying to fix the drain when Abishola shows up with food. They talk things out and make up. She also gives him a check from Dottie and says she has both of them in his corner.


Bob and Dottie in a meeting with Doug, Kofo and Goodwin. Christina is also there cleaning. They are all divided on this idea, especially since the money was meant for Christina and Doug.

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Kofo refuses to invest even though everyone else seems on board as the episode comes to a close.

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