Big Brother All Stars Recap for 9/30/2020: Who Won POV?

Tonight is POV competition number EIGHT on CBS’s Big Brother. It is hard to believe how FAST this season it going, especially since we got such a late start due to COVID. When we last left our houseguests, we saw Kevin and David put on the block, with Kevin as the target. Now the POV comp will determine if the nominations will stay the same or someone will get backdoored.


Even though Kevin is the actual target, Cody says that he will make sure Christmas is backdoored if one of the guys come off the block. Christmas, for her part, lets it be known that she is worried about being backdoored.


Dani plans on throwing the POV comp if she plays so Kevin or David win. She wants Christmas gone. She confesses this to Nicole, who no longer wants to play Dani’s games.


David and Kevin discuss being on the block. Even though David thinks he is safe, he wants to win POV to guarantee it. Enzo wants both of them safe and hopes there is a shakeup.


Nicole promises she has Christmas’s back and wants Dani to be a target. Christmas agrees to this.


Veto comp time! Along with David, Cody and Kevin, Tyler, Enzo and Nicole are playing. Christmas is very upset about this and storms off. Dani says she is over the top. Cody and Memphis want the nominations to stay the same, but Enzo secretly still wishes for a shakeup.


The competition consists of them finding t-shirts with evicted players’ names on them via a scavenger hunt. The last to return with one is eliminated. The twist? Some of the shirts are worth $10K.

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David is first out because he chose the money. Then Tyler, Kevin and Nicole are eliminated, leaving it between Enzo and Cody. Cody ends up winning and keeping the nominations the same. We will see who is sent to jury tomorrow and then witness the first triple elimination. Stay tuned!

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