Big Brother Recap for 7/31/19

Tonight’s episode of CBS’s Big Brother picks up where we left off after the nomination ceremony. Nick and Sam were put on the block, so now they are planning on what to do for the veto competition if there is a Houseguest Choice option. They decide on one of the weaker players, possibly Jessica, Cliff or Nicole.

Those three so want the nominations to stay the same since they know they are on the chopping block. 

Analyse, Christie, Kathryn and Holly are in the HOH room talking. Kathryn offers to go up as a pawn if one of the guys wins the competition. This will keep blood off Holly’s hands and her safe….but in the Diary Room, she thinks there is a chance it could backfire. 

Holly, Nick Sam, Tommy, Cliff, and Jessica are playing in the veto competition. Jack is dressed like Little Bo Peep and they have to herd sheep. (As an aside, I am super tired and sick and thought I was losing it at first) Winner is the one who herds the correct amount into their barn. 

They take turns facing off against each other until Nick finally wins. Sam is of course upset. 

The Six Shooters gather together and think this is a blessing so they can get rid of Sam. They debate on whether or not they should put Nicole up as a pawn or if Kathryn should go up. 

Sam tries to get into Holly’s good graces, who now wants Nicole on the block. Everyone runs around trying to bad mouth Holly, Sam and Nicole. Before long, everyone is mad at everyone and Michie is ready for a fight. He confronts Christie and Tommy and Christie ends up upset with Analyse over this whole thing. It becomes a he said, she said issue over who blabbed to whom. Christie and Analyse smooth things over, but Holly is now suspicious of Analyse. 

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POV Ceremony! Kathryn is put up on the block to replace Nick. The plan is to have Kathryn and Holly pretend to not be friends in order to throw everyone off. Not sure how that will work, but we will find out tomorrow. Stay tuned! 

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