ICYMI: Murder Under the Friday Night Lights: Who Shot Darrent Williams

ICYMI: Murder Under the Friday Night Lights: Who Shot Darrent Williams

ICYMI: Murder Under the Friday Night Lights: Who Shot Darrent Williams

  • Murder Under the Friday Night Lights, season 2, episode 3 is titled Who Shot Darrent Williams and goes deep into his murder and who could have killed the promising young Denver Broncos star.


  •  On the night of his murder, he was with his friends in Denver, planning on partying for New Year’s Eve. Several of the Broncos were with him, marveling over the coolness of the VIP treatment they were receiving.


  • However, the night turned tragic when the limo they were in became the victim of a drive by shooting, ending Darrent’s life.


  • His friends, loved ones and teammates remember him as a hardworking man who was filled with love and light. They also recall how football was his life and how he took care of everyone once he made it big. He was the kind of guy who stayed humble and never forgot who he came from.


  • Authorities also remember getting the call about Darrent’s death and the aftermath. At least fifteen rounds were shot and .40 caliber bullets were used, but there could have been more rounds due to the way the windows were blown out.


  • Anthony Criss, who was Darrent’s coach in high school had texted him for New Year’s and recalls being concerned that there was no answer. He thinks that there is something wrong and his concerns are confirmed the next morning when he sees the news of Darrent’s death being reported.
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  • Video surveillance shows Darrent at the club and getting into the limo, along with a Tahoe vehicle spray painted black. Other evidence showed that this was possibly the vehicle that shot at the limo.


  • The vehicle in question belonged to a drug dealer named Brian Hicks who had a reputation of getting people killed. However, he had was in prison at the time of the murder.


  • A gang named the Tre Tre Crips were said to have been a part of the murder, but it was unknown as to why Darrent was the target….or if he was the target at all.


  • Darrent’s friends recall antics that happened at the club and how it led to an argument. The Broncos left, but there was more arguing outside until Darrent said he wanted to leave. The shooting happened soon after.


  • Tips and leads soon poured in, and soon Little Willie Clark was identified as being in the Tahoe. He was well known to law enforcement and was called in for questioning. He refused to cooperate, but evidence soon connected him to making calls to Daniel Harris, aka Ponytail and Brian Hicks. All three are suspects of being involved in some way, thanks to evidence, leads and calls made to the prison where Brian was staying.


  • Four months after the murder, over 70 gang members were arrested. Daniel is indicted but believed to be hiding out in Mexico. Willie Clark was in prison.


  • In June 2007, Daniel returned to the USA and is arrested. He finally agrees to cooperate to save himself. He claimed that Willie was the shooter and he witnessed the entire thing. Another witness claimed that he was told that Willie confessed to him and destroyed the gun. It is believed this was all done for his ego and because he felt disrespected.
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  • Other information claims that Brandon Marshall, who was also involved in the altercation, was the target, but he had been in a different car. The entire thing had a huge impact on his life and he felt guilty about how everything played out.


  1. Willie was found guilty and received a lengthy prison sentence, where he will never again see the light of day.


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