The Masked Singer 8 Premiere Recap for 9/21/2022

The Masked Singer 8 Premiere Recap for 9/21/2022

The Masked Singer 8 Premiere Recap for 9/21/2022

The Harp

Song: Perfect by P!nk

Clues: Auditioned for the biggest show in the world, got rejected, landed a new opportunity and wants to be a role model for outsiders, won awards for singing, acting and comedy.

Sammi: Her voice is lovely and she seems to have a good stage presence. However, between the voice being disguised and the clues, this can literally be 90% of the women in Hollywood. I honestly have no idea as to who this could be right now.

Jenny McCarthy: Fantasia or Jordin Sparks

Nicole Scherzinger: No guess

Robin Thicke: Queen Latifah

Dr. Ken: Jennifer Hudson


The Hedgehog

Song: Love Me Do by The Beatles

Clues: Naked in Playboy, in one of the biggest groups of all time, sang at some of the biggest venues and events in the world, performed for many major celebrities. He also won a Tony and a Grammy.

Sammi: He is adorable and seems very fun. The accent kind of sounds like it is British….but again, I cannot think of who it could be.

Ken: Ringo Starr or Elton John

Robin: Eric Idle

Jenny: John Cleese or Michael Palin

Nicole: Bill Nighy



Song: I Don’t Wanna Be by Gavin DeGraw

Clues: Dominating the Super Bowl, competition is in his DNA special awards that are out of this world and are silver–but not second place.

Sammi: It sounded more karaoke than competition singing, but it was still a fun performance. I know this is a football player– but since he mentioned a silver award, it is possible it is someone who was on Dancing With The Stars….maybe Emmett Smith or Donald Driver?

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Ken: Peyton Manning or Tom Brady

Jenny: Chad Kroeger



Song: Puttin’ on the Ritz by Fred Astaire

Clues: He did hosting and threw chairs.

Sammi: He is quite charming with his performance and there is something about him that just makes me smile. I am not sure he is the strongest singer, but he certainly has the best personality so far.


Based on the chair throwing and hosting clues, I am going to go with the legendary Geraldo Rivera.

Ken: David Hasselhoff

Jenny: William Shatner

Robin: Jerry Springer or Weird Al



Unmasking 1: The Knight

Final Guesses:

Ken: David Hasselhoff

Jenny: William Shatner

Nicole: John Lithgow

Robin: Weird Al




Unmasking 2: The Hedgehog

Final Guesses:

Nicole: Bill Nighy

Ken: Elton John

Robin: Eric Idle

Jenny: John Cleese




Unmasking 3: The Hummingbird



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