ICYMI: Bob Hearts Abishola Season Four Premiere Recap for 9/19/2022

ICYMI: Bob Hearts Abishola Season Four Premiere Recap for 9/19/2022

ICYMI: Bob Hearts Abishola Season Four Premiere Recap for 9/19/2022

The season four premiere of CBS’s Bob Hearts Abishola opens with Kemi and Abishola snarking about Ebun giggling with the pastor. Olu and Tunde also snark about Ebun’s behavior, thinking that if this keeps up, they might have to find a new church.


Ogechi makes fun of Olu for giggling, saying she sound like Ebun. The two women snark at each other until Ogechi walks away, looking as if she is planning something sinister.


Bob and Chuey make their own commentary on the situation.


Later on, Abishola is cooking when Ebun comes into the kitchen. Abishola wants to know where she is going and Ebun says Bible study.  Abishola wants to know why she is bringing wine, but Ebun gets defensive and says it is none of her business.


As the women argue, Dele walks in. Abishola wants to know where he was and he says he was studying at his friend Jason’s house. She yells at him and sends him to his room, but she is really projecting her anger at Ebun onto him. He goes to his room and Ebun says that she lets him get away with way too much.


Goodwin gives his letter of resignation to Bob, who gets upset. Bob wants to talk about it, but Goodwin doesn’t want to and says he accepted a job with Christina. Bob is upset, but Goodwin leaves without wanting to discuss things further.

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Ogechi is having tea with Tunde and Olu, all the while making demands about her role in the church. She also wants Chuey to be considered for deacon. This serves to aggravate Tunde, who acts out by being snarky to Ogechi. However, she only continues to make demands


Christina is at work making a deal when Bob walks in, angry that she didn’t tell him about Goodwin. The two of them get into an argument, leading to Bob comparing her to Dottie. Christina gets angry and yells at him to get out. After he is gone, she wonders what she has become.


At the hospital, Abishola, Kemi and Gloria are talking about Ebun and her love life. Gloria thinks Ebun should be happy, but Abishola and Kemi disagree. The three of them debate until Gloria leaves, saying she doesn’t want to testify against them.


That night, Bob and Abishola talk about their moms’ behaviors. This leads to Bob confessing he feels as if he was dishonest with Goodwin and how he feels like he won’t be good enough if he is not running things.


The next day, Abishola and Kemi go to talk to Pastor Falade about the situation with Ebun. Kemi wants to use her cleavage to get answers, but Abishola makes it clear she is upset with him for getting involved with Ebun.

He says he has feelings for Ebun and talks about how wonderful she is as a person. He also says Abishola and Bob were in the same situation and it gave Ebun courage to do the same thing as them. He also tells her Ebun admires her for taking risks to be happy.

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Abishola is confused by this and leaves with Kemi.


Later on, Bob visits Goodwin to talk about everything that is happening between them. Things are still not quite solved, but Goodwin does suggest that Douglas get a promotion instead. They also promise to try and be friends.


At church, Tunde and Olu snark about Ogechi, who tells Tunde that he could be head deacon now that Chuey is on the deacon board.  He decides to hear what she has to say, while Olu simmers in annoyance.


Bob is in a meeting with Kofo, Douglas and Dottie. As everyone debates what to do without Goodwin and if Bob should take on more work, Bob leaves and drives away. Dottie calls him to ask where he is going….as the episode comes to a close.


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