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ICYMI: Big Brother 24 Live Feeds: The First Nominations

ICYMI: Big Brother 24 Live Feeds: The First Nominations

Last night, the Big Brother 24 Live Feeds revealed the first two houseguests to end up on the block. PLEASE DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER IF YOU WANT TO AVOID SPOILERS! We also have more behind the scenes happenings, courtesy of Paramount Plus and Big Brother Network. Everything is written in my own words based on what I have watched and read.


  • The Backstage Crew are trying to remember if they can be nominated and how it can impact their gameplay.
  • Nicole and Taylor debate on whether or not people are actually playing the game. Taylor thinks they are, but some people aren’t seeing it, while Nicole thinks otherwise.
  • Paloma tells Michael that their alliance will also include Ameerah, Alyssa Monte and Kyle. However, Michael is not happy with this and plans to somehow use this to his advantage.
  • Paloma, Ameerah and Alyssa discuss balancing their alliances and how they wish they would have had added Joseph to their alliance instead of Monte.
  • The houseguests all discuss gameplay with Daniel, who is at a loss as to whom to put on the block.
  • Everyone is confused and shocked that nobody seems to know anything when it comes to nominations.
  • Pooch is out of the Mamba alliance.
  • At this point, Daniel plans on putting up weaker players to avoid a stronger player putting him up next week.
  • Michael and Terrance seem to be the nomination choices since they aren’t strong players and because Terrance isn’t talking game with anyone. However, Paloma wants a stronger player to go up.
  • Taylor is an alternative option because she also isn’t talking much game…until she makes a deal with Daniel, who also plans on making a deal with Indy.
  • Daniel promises Turner and Pooch safety. The three of them are also forming an alliance with Kyle, Monte and Joseph.
  • Terrance and Michael are on the block.
  • Michael is upset because he claims he talked game with Daniel, who claims he did NOT, which is why he is on the block.
  • Paloma promises Michael that she and the girls have his back. He makes it known that he is currently focusing on the veto competition.
  • Daniel and Michael talk things out and it turns out Daniel chose him because he didn’t talk to him a second time on nomination day. They manage to find themselves on good terms.
  • Terrance and Daniel have a similar talk, with Daniel implying he is not a target. He also wants Terrance to win POV.
  • Most of the house seems to want to save Michael.
  • Terrance wonders if there will be a Backstage twist that will save both him and Michael.
  • Mamba is a lock and have a final six deal.
  • Paloma and Ameerah also plan to bring Michael into the girl’s alliance once he is saved.
  • Turner and Alyssa plan to make a final four deal with Pooch and Paloma.
  • Pooch and Daniel agree they like Terrance more than Michael. The two of them talk eviction with Taylor. Daniel doesn’t plan on targeting anyone and that he will see how things go after the veto.
  • Alyssa wants to backdoor Pooch next week, while Taylor seems to be another target for next week.
  • Now it seems like Daniel wants to keep Terrance.
  • More tomorrow, stay tuned!
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