America’s Got Talent Recap for 6/14/2022

America's Got Talent Recap for 6/14/2022

America’s Got Talent Recap for 6/14/2022

Act 1: The Brown Brothers (singing/impressions): The brothers are Navy veterans and autistic. They want to inspire a nation with their act.

The two of them give cards to the audience and sing songs/do impressions based on each one. It is so different and so mesmerizing to watch.


Four yeses!


Act 2: Max Ostler (dancer): WOW! This is beautiful to watch and so moving. It is impressive he came to the country to do the show and live his dream at the tender age of eighteen.


Four yeses!


Act 3: Blade to Blade (danger act): I don’t even know what to say–this had me on the edge of my seat for the entire act. I was terrified something would happen, but they made it work without getting hurt.


Simon joining the act was icing on the cake.


Four yeses!


Act 4: Jack Williams (ventriloquist): The act has the two of them taking turns talking and throwing voices. It is so cute and amazing to watch.


Four yeses


Act 5: Monique and Stefani/Rag Doll Duos (dance):They are dressed like rag dolls and got their start on TikTok. Ummm….it was…..entertaining, but they are booed and buzzed off the stage….but not before they fight each other…..and reveal that they are really Nikki and Brie Bella.


Act 6: Sara James (singing): I have CHILLS. CHILLS. WOW, her voice is so incredible and the fact that she is only thirteen makes it even more amazing. I cannot believe her voice is this good at such a young age.

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Act 7: (storytelling): This act tells a story through motion. It is a bit confusing, but they end up winning everyone over, even Simon, who initially gave them a buzz.


Four yeses


Act 8: Urban Crew (dance troupe): They are no words to describe how good they are….WOW. I did dance and cheerleading when I was younger and this made anything I ever did look like child’s play. This was…..just so mind blowing.


Three yeses (Howie is out sick for the final acts.)



Act 9: Harper (singer): I am expecting to hear a sweet Disney song, but she does screaming music. Her dad sits where Howie usually sits for moral support, making it even better.


Three yeses


Act 10: Hayden Kristal (comedian): She is hard of hearing and does her introduction in sign language. Her act is about her life and she is so cute. I just adore her!


Three yeses


Act 11: The Players Choir (choir): A bunch of NFL stars get together and sing like nobody’s business. This is what the world needs right now, just something sweet and positive.


Three yeses.


More next week, stay tuned!




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