ICYMI: How We Roll Series Finale Recap

ICYMI: How We Roll Series Finale Recap

ICYMI: How We Roll Series Finale Recap


The finale opens with Tom arriving at the bowling alley, asking Archie if he has plans for the weekend. They both celebrate the World Series of Bowling, while Lew works.


Archie takes Tom to a sauna to relax. They are there to clear their minds, but things take a tragic turn when Archie has a heart attack. Tom drops his towel and screams for help, not realizing or caring that he is completely naked.


Helen is at the salon, debating on if she should get a new look. Jen and Tia wonder if she is in love with Archie and that is the reason for her new look, but Helen denies it.


Jen and Helen meet Tom at the hospital, but there is no new information. Both women are freaking out, but also wonder why Tom is in scrubs. He tells them he was naked due to being in the sauna.


A nurse tells them Archie indeed has a heart attack and needs surgery, upsetting everyone.


At the bowling alley, Carl and another patron worry about Archie. Lew says they need to be strong, but is upset himself.


Tia comes in with Sam to get him food and cheer Lew up. He is happy to see her, but still upset.


Helen is in the chapel praying when Tom joins her. They are both upset and scared, but continue to pray.

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Later on, the nurse says the surgery went well and they can see him. Helen tries to tell him she loves him, but is unable to get the words out. Tom wants to know if he is okay, but Archie is more worried about him doing well in the tournament. Tom wants to give it up, but Archie gets upset over this and makes Helen yell at him to not give up. This causes Tom to freak out, confusing Jen. He admits he can’t do it without Archie, but Jen tries to calm him down.


Carl shows up to the bowling alley in Archie’s clothes. Lew is confused, but he assures him that it is for the man himself. This somehow leads to Lew texting Archie that he loves him. Archie reads the text out loud, causing Helen to think he is saying it to her. They talk about saying those words, but Archie thinks she is telling him not to respond to Lew, who is waiting for him to respond.


Jen goes to talk to Archie about Tom not wanting to do the tournament without him. This causes Archie to yell at her and tell her to tell Tom to act right.


Later on, Jen talks to Tom, who is pigging out on junk food. She finally gets him to get back in the game–with her as his substitute coach.


Back at the hospital, Archie, who is cuddled in his special blankie, tries to scare Helen. He tells her she didn’t have to stay, but they admit they love–hospitals.

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Tom is driving to the tournament and calls Archie to say thank you for everything. Archie tries to act tough, but ends up crying in gratitude.


Jen, for her part, gets carsick—and admits she is pregnant….as the episode and series comes to a close.


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