ICYMI: Call Me Kat Recap for Call Me A Tiny Boo Boo

ICYMI: Call Me Kat Recap for Call Me A Tiny Boo Boo

ICYMI: Call Me Kat Recap for Call Me A Tiny Boo Boo

The episode opens with Kat running the morning meeting. Randi is annoyed, but changes her tune when Kat says she kissed Max. She and Phil want details, but have to wait because Oscar walks in. He got a promotion, which means he can start planning for his future with Kat.


After he leaves, Kat is wondering what to do because she feels so bad. Randi and Phil want to know if she talked to Max. She admits she hasn’t, but at that moment he walks in, wanting to talk. They agree to move past it and hug it out.


Later on, Nicole is at the bar, trying to figure out what Max had planned for their date. He won’t give any hints. Carter offers his own opinions while she continues to guess.


After she leaves, Carter tells Max that he needs to make this special and offers to get him reservations at a special restaurant.


At the cafe, Kat tells Phil and Randi she wants to break up with Oscar because she can’t see a future with him. She also admits to having sex dreams about Nick the sandwich guy. They tease her about it and end up telling Carter when he walks in the cafe. Kat is left more confused than ever as to how to handle things.


Later on, Nicole teaches Carter how to play the piano when Max walks in to take her on their date. However, he ends up hitting her and breaking her nose, leading to an awkward trip to the hospital.

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Kat imagines telling Oscar she wants to break up. He tells her that it has been a year since they started dating and that it has been the best year of his life. She tries to convince him otherwise and tell him how she feels, but they end up having sex instead.


Back at the hospital, Max tries to salvage his date with Nicole by bringing her food and flowers. They begin to bond over their love for France when she has an allergic reaction to the soup.


The next day, Kat tells Phil, Carter and Randi about the night before and how she couldn’t break up with him. She says she will do it that night, but then Oscar says that he is buying them all drinks to celebrate his promotion. Kat is again left confused.

That night, everyone toasts to Oscar’s new job. Sheila asks what he does and as he explains, she leaves to get a drink with Phil at her heels. Kat tries to say that every new beginning leads to an end, but Randi shuts her up.


As Carter talks to Nicole and Max about their disastrous date, Oscar takes the stage and sings a song he wrote for Kat….which ends with him proposing. Sheila says yes on her behalf, while Kat awkwardly accepts.


Later on, Kat and Max talk and he tells her she needs to do what is best for her….and make the decision on her own.


Oscar comes out to get Kat for pictures, brimming with excitement. However, Kat takes that moment to break up with him. Oscar is confused and hurt….and then figures out something happened with her and Max. He goes into the bar to leave and punches Max, breaking his nose.

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The episode ends with Kat mourning the end of her relationship.


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