Survivor 42 Quick-Cap for 3/16/2022

Survivor 42 Quick-Cap for 3/16/2022

Survivor 42 Quick-Cap for 3/16/2022

Ika Tribe:

The Voting Aftermath: Romeo is upset that Zach is gone because they had an alliance. However, he thinks Tori could be his next target. Tori, for her part, already feels the pressure of the game and says she is kind of jealous that Zach is gone.

Alliances and Alternative Plans: Drea is in an alliance with Rockstroy and Romeo, but also makes an all female alliance with Tori and Swati. She reveals that she has an extra vote, which ends up biting her in the rear because now the girls want her voted off the island.

Vati Tribe:

Food for Thought: The tribe hunts for food and end up finding some crab. This poses a problem for Hai, who is a vegan. He wants to eat, but still stay true to himself. He ends up helping himself to some crab, but feels guilty afterward.

Beware Advantage: Mike finds this while looking for the immunity idol. Thanks to this, he will not be able to vote at tribal council. He shares the discovery with some of his tribe members and they decide not to activate it.

Taku Tribe:

Oh, My Nerve!: Lindsay is annoyed that Maryanne is always on and full of energy.

Omar’s Confession: He admits to the tribe that he is Muslim and will have to take some time to pray each day. He says he wanted to be upfront about it so the tribe doesn’t suspect him of being up to no good.

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Covid and Closeness: Omar and Jonathan are developing a bond and like the rest of their tribe. However, they feel as if they aren’t quite as close with Marya. Later on, she confesses her brother was the first healthcare worker to die from COVID. She is on the show to try and get some closure.

Immunity and Voting Off the Island:

Each tribe will have to find puzzle pieces and put them together…..while blindfolded. Vati and Ika win immunity, which means that Taku will have to go to tribal council.

The person voted off the island is……Marya!


More next week, stay tuned.


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