ICYMI: Call Me Kat Recap for Call Me a McCluckhead

ICYMI: Call Me Kat Recap for Call Me a McCluckhead

ICYMI: Call Me Kat Recap for Call Me a McCluckhead


The episode opens with Kat, Oscar, Sheila, Phil and Carter giving Randi and Max housewarming gifts. Kat gives them plants she named Alexander Hamil-stem, Leaf Garrett and Jane Fern-da.


Max asks Carter where his gift is and Carter reminds him that he helped them move. Max says that he ate the pizza, drank beer and had a back spasm. Carter says he will be back later with a candle.


Sheila takes Kat aside and asks her to go on a double date with a new guy she met in the grocery store. Kat is confused as to why she wants her to go, but agrees to do it anyway.


During the date, Oscar fan boys over the fact that Charles owns his favorite restaurant and asks questions about it. Kat doesn’t think that he wants to talk about work, but they end up talking about how the restaurant might expand into New York.

This leads to Sheila sharing a story about her New York days, which Kat thinks she is making up to impress Charles.


Randi and Carter are watching a movie when he finds Max’s back and butt scratching spoon. This leads to Randi venting about Max’s living skills and being too loud. Her point is driven home when Max starts playing the bagpipes. Carter talks to him about it, which leads to Max venting about living with Randi. Carter feels torn because he doesn’t want to be in the middle of their issues.

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Kat and Sheila continue to enjoy their dates. When the guys go to the restroom, Kat asks about her stories, which Sheila swears its all true. This leaves Kat shocked that her mom had a past life she didn’t know about.


The next day, Kat talks to the gang about her mom’s stories. They all tell her that Sheila told them the same stories, which makes Kat vow to get to know her mom better.


Later on, as Phil and Oscar try to figure out the secret sauce from Charles’s restaurant, Kat prepares to go out with her mom. They make it seem like she is going on a date and tease her until it goes a bit too far.


Phil figures out the secret ingredient, much to Oscar’s delight. However, he is a bit salty that Oscar didn’t help.


Randi and Max continue to annoy each other with their quirks, leading to a fight and Carter forcing them to wear a Get Along shirt.


After Carter leaves, they cut the shirt off and talk things out….as well as make fun of Carter. They decide to meet each other halfway and toast to their life as roommates.


During the dinner, Kat keeps asking Sheila questions, but only ends up annoying her. Kat explains that she wants to get to know her better. After dinner, Sheila gives her a tour of where she lived as a child and they end up finally bonding and agreeing to a monthly dinner.


The episode ends with Randi and Max at the bar with Carter, Phil and Oscar getting in trouble for posting the secret sauce recipe online and Kat and Sheila bonding over pictures.

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