The. Amazing Race Quick-Cap 5/1/19


Here is a quick-cap of tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race on CBS.

Destination: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Detour: Reel it In (catch 8 prawns) or Light It Up (dance challenge)

Roadblock: Karaoke challenge!  They must memorize a song then perform it for a crowd.

Interesting moments: NO one got the dance challenge done in the first try. The Big Brother Girls seem to have an alliance. Korey and Tyler should do The Bachelor next if they are single.

Pit Stop: Ho Thi Ky

Order of Arrival:

Becca & Floyd (Won a trip to the Bahamas)

Nicole & Victor

Colin & Christie

Tyler & Korey

Corinne & Eliza

Janelle & Britney

Rachel & Elissa

Leo & Jamal

Chris & Bret

IT’S A NON ELIMINATION LEG! However, Chris and Bret will have to do a Speed Bump next week. Stay tuned!

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