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Celebrity Big Brother 3 Snark and Highlights for 2/9/2022

Celebrity Big Brother 3 Snark and Highlights for 2/9/2022

  • Kattan is adorable, but it is obvious he has no clue what this game is all about or how to play.
  • Miesha wants to get rid of Cynthia and Carson if she gets HOH and vice versa.
  • Former houseguest Kato Kaelin hosts the HOH competition from a hot tub. Everyone must strip on a ski lift and jump in a hot tub while holding down buttons. The one to do this in the fastest time wins.
  • Everyone seems so confused about this competition.
  • Carson has an incredible body, WOW!
  • I am confused as to how it took so long for them to strip and jump in the hot tub? Or am I missing something in terms of this comp?
  • Miesha wins her second HOH!
  • Cynthia and Carson know they are going on the block but think Miesha will soon be a new target since she won HOH twice.
  • Hearing Miesha talk about her relationship with her mom and how much they endured is so sweet.
  • Todrick wants Miesha to target Chris Kirkpatrick because he thinks he is a bigger threat than Cynthia at this point.
  • Carson taking a luxurious bath is such a mood.
  • Shanna being so tired she can barely walk is such a relatable moment.
  • Carson and Cynthia are on the block…..Miesha wants Carson gone, but will setting for getting rid of Cynthia.
  • More coming soon, stay tuned!
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