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Celebrity Big Brother 3 Snark and Highlights for 2/6/2022

Celebrity Big Brother 3 Snark and Highlights for 2/6/2022

  • Kattan is worried that he made an enemy in Todd because he is the reason Todd was on the block.
  • Mirai is thrilled she is still in the house and safe to play another week.
  • Carson has no idea Todrick was doing all of Miesha’s dirty work, therefore, he wants to target her.
  • Shanna thinks Cynthia is mad at her, but she is really mad at Todrick for all the stunts he has pulled so far.
  • HOH comp! It is a game called Rotten Potatoes, where they have to roll balls and lock in scores on potato-meters. The one with the highest combined score wins.
  • I had forgotten how boing HOH comps can be…this one is about as fun as watching paint dry.
  • Chris Kirkpatrick wins HOH!
  • Miesha tries to get in Chris Kirkpatrick’s ear about how to handle the house, but he doesn’t want to hear it. He plans to keep Carson and Cynthia safe and target Mirai.
  • Kattan sneaking cake every night is such a mood….and something I am guilty of doing quite often.
  • Todd and Lamar seem to either be playing very under the radar or confused as to what kind of show they are on….I hope they step it up and do some gameplay soon.
  • Mirai and Kattan are on the block…..with Mirai as the target.
  • More coming Wednesday, stay tuned!
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