Woman of the Year: Roo Powell

Woman of the Year: Roo Powell

It is no secret that I am OBSSESSED with true crime and often have Investigation Discovery and Discovery Plus on my TV. There are many shows I love, but this year, one stuck out and led to me choosing TVGrapevine’s Woman of the Year.

Roo Powell is the host of Undercover Underage, which premiered earlier this year. The show helps find and capture online predators with the help of Roo and her team, all of whom pretend to be young teenagers. They use different disguises and lighting, all of which help give the illusion that they are younger than they are in real life.  As they get the predators talking, they race against time in order to bring them to justice. In a recent interview with TVGrapevine, Roo went into depth about how they create said looks, as well as different techniques they use to get predators talking and out in the open. (For her safety, I won’t get into specific details)

The show has been one of the most incredible true crime series to date, but it is Roo’s hard work that makes it stand out above others. Her work as a child advocate has helped bring several predators to justice. She is passionate about her work and won’t rest until she captures every predator.

Her dedication to protecting children and putting predators in jail is something to be commended, and that is why she is TVGrapevine’s Woman of the Year.

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