Snark and Highlights for Episode 4 of The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip

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Snark and Highlights for Episode 4 of The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip

  • Teresa getting letters from Louie from each day is so sweet.
  • Ramona will mellow out with vitamin D….meaning the actual vitamin or the BIG D.
  • If anyone finds a sock out there, it’s mine…..oh, Kenya!
  • It is so heartbreaking to hear about all the friendships that fell apart due to being on television.
  • LuAnn still seems upset over the fact that Bethenny betrayed her.
  • What did Ramona drop in her bra?
  • It is amazing how Gia’s ‘Waking Up in the Morning’ song is still so relevant and catchy today.
  • GOODBYE KYLE will never not be funny or iconic!
  • This buggy tour guide looks like so much fun.
  • I love seeing/hearing food and drink orders because they always sound so delicious.
  • This game about how the franchises their lives is quite interesting. It is easy to forget these women are real people and despite the fact that they share their lives on TV, they have the same feelings and problems as everyone else.
  • Despite the small amount of bickering and nitpicking, these ladies seem to really get along and have fun together.
  • The slumber party with matching PJs is so cute.
  • My heart breaks for Kenya. Seeing her break down over her ex-husband makes me so sad.
  • The Twister shot game would make a fun bachelorette party game.
  • LuAnn straddling Michael to get the shot out of his mouth was hysterical….but what did his wife think about all this?
  • Did Ramona and Kyle both wet themselves during the card reading game?
  • Why didn’t they change their pajamas instead of putting towels between their legs?
  • Cynthia’s snark over Kyle’s sex confession is the best….she needs to narrate my life.
  • Melissa is putting too much thought into the sex at the table logistics.
  • This crossover is everything I never knew I needed in life.
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More coming soon, stay tuned.

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