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The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip Finale Highlights and SnarkTHE REAL HOUSEWIVES ULTIMATE GIRLS TRIP -- "Bonfire of the Frenemies" Episode 106 -- Pictured: Cynthia Bailey -- (Photo by: Karolina Wojtasik/Peacock)

The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip Finale Highlights and Snark

  • Only Kyle can do a walk of shame and have her makeup look perfect. Despite what she said about not looking good, her makeup remained intact.
  • Cynthia’s lunch of salads seemed delicious. Kenya was being really bratty demanding a burger.
  • The Bailey Bowl sounds like a blast and a fun girls’ night activity.
  • Lick the balls to get the diamonds. That’s what she said….and common in Beverly Hills.
  • No one is surprised about licking (ice) balls on this trip….and neither am I.
  • All the quotes in this episode so far can be taken so far out of context when it comes to biting and licking balls. I know that was the intention, but I am acting like a twelve-year-old and giggling.
  • It was very sweet of Kenya to give Teresa the trip she won to celebrate with Louie. I love how she kept the crown though.
  • My heart breaks for Ramona talking about the abuse she faced….and what she witnessed as a child.
  • How do you confuse the names William and Michael…and aren’t ALL names proper?
  • I would be asking for recipes as well…not going to lie.
  • It seems like Cynthia and Kenya’s friendship won’t ever be the same after this trip.
  • Why is Ramona so nervous to speak to Kenya?
  • Also, why did she have to pull her aside while they were all eating? Could they have done the talk after dinner?
  • Kenya sees right through Ramona’s BS….she has no patience for this at all.
  • I forgot that Kenya’s mom locked the door on her and wanted nothing to do with her….it breaks my heart so much.
  • Okay, I see why Ramona wanted them to bond over their traumas, but she is going about it very poorly.
  • Kenya is also right….in order to show that your behavior is changed, you need to prove it through actions.
  • Teresa never liked being on the show? That is surprising.
  • Melissa is right…Teresa went through a lot during her time on the show and now she can be happy and shine.
  • Of course LuAnn was going to sing for everyone. Of course. However, it was so much fun to watch.
  • Michael slid into LuAnn’s DMs? I thought he was married.
  • The dancing and bonding at the end was the perfect way to conclude the season.
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More next season, stay tuned!



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