Psych 3: This Is Gus Highlights

Movie of the Year: Psych 3 This is Gus
PSYCH 3: THIS IS GUS -- Pictured: (l-r) Timothy Omundson as Carlton, Corbin Bernsen as Henry -- (Photo by: James Dittiger/Peacock)
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Psych 3: This Is Gus Highlights

  • Buzz looks hot AF and looks like such a badass bringing the perp to the station in handcuffs.
  • Lassiter is back and better than ever. He is kicking butt and taking names with this press conference…even though Shawn and Gus are telling him what to say.
  • Of course Shawn and Gus would ruin his big moment over food and telling people to suck it.
  • Flame suck it is my new favorite insult.
  • His big moment is saved by him nailing the real perp….or did he?
  • The guys bonding and helping each other is so sweet. I always knew Lassie could count on our dynamic duo.
  • You’re ready to fly! Like an eagle or a shark!
  • Lassie’s daughter is played by the actress who plays Karen in the BSC series on Netflix.
  • Lily is adorable and so Lassie’s kid. I love how she calls Gus Magic Head.
  • I am obsessed with Henry’s boat house.
  • What’s the point of having a memory if you can’t choose what to remember? This is America! #Truth
  • The dynamic duo is drifting? Say it ain’t so!
  • It would have been funny if there had been a wooden doll in the background/
  • All those desserts at the cake tasting look incredible.
  • The wedding prep is so Shawn and Gus…especially when Shawn isn’t wearing pants.
  • Jules has not changed a bit since day one.
  • I think it’s sweet Jules thinks of Selene as her family.
  • I am glad they had Jules decide not to have kids. Not everyone wants kids and it should be normalized.
  • I love how Karen basically lets Shawn do what he wants to help Gus.
  • Gilmore. As in girls. Can you spell that?
  • Don’t be a Karen, Karen. Haven’t you heard of being fashionably late?–Woody.
  • What the hell did Woody do?
  • You can’t just decide you’re an attorney!
  • Wait. Woody passed the bar?
  • So, he is on trial for the impersonation of the doctor but saying he is undercover to get himself out of trouble, per Karen’s advice.
  • Poor Karen’s vacation is ruined.
  • We will never see her husband, will we?
  • I hope she isn’t getting divorced.
  • Have you ever played what’s your social security number? This reminds me of the identity theft episode!
  • I can’t believe Shawn stole Selene’s purse to find out her real identity….and ruined her pretty lipstick.
  • This purse fight has me falling over laughing, especially with Shawn on the ceiling trying to escape.
  • The food specials sound weird, but oddly delicious.  I love that there is a shout out to the Quatro Quesos dos Fritos.
  • My jackal switch is never broken.
  • ‘Warning Guster calling’ is the best ringtone ever.
  • Kurt Smith is making an appearance! And he is being snarky to Gus…..epic!
  • I would love it if Wham! came back together. Removing the exclamation point makes it a different band, so Kurt won’t have to worry about being sued.
  • A Psych car chase is always a winning moment.
  • Wait, so Selene is hiding her real identity?
  • The Peacock and USA Network shout outs were pretty clever.
  • A wedding fire eater would be a great addition to any reception.
  • Megan Markle even got a shout out! I wonder how she feels about it?
  •  Yassss undercover Shawn and Gus. These disguises are amazing….and apparently  believable if the building manager didn’t recognize them from their initial visit.
  • Please tell me there is no zombie apocalypse—Karen with a sword while going through the woods. She looked even more badass than ever.
  • That dummy is freaking me out.
  • The realtor is spilling all the tea on Selene and her ex-husband with zero effs given of the consequences.
  • Adding the message from her mom was a sweet touch.
  • Henry is going to help the guys, but of course he ends up fighting with Shawn.
  • It was actually sweet that Henry is making the crib. However, did he not see Jules and realize she was NOT pregnant?
  • Seeing this real, raw moment with Karen realizing she missed so much with her family is such a tearjerking moment.
  • Can we eat first? is such a MOOD….and something I would totally ask.
  • Gus being badass is so sexy.
  • He broke up with me on a post it note! A Sex and the City reference in Psych is great!
  • So they got caught up in shady stuff and went on the run. Not what I expected, but makes sense.
  • The women are going all Charlie’s Angels and I am here for it.
  • It is sweet how Henry is helping Lassiter become himself again. Lily bringing him a beer was icing on the cake.
  • My heart breaks for Selene’s husband Decker. It seems like he is still in love with her.
  • You should stay. But you have to watch us eat. Lily is such a little firecracker.
  • I wish Marlowe were in the movie, but I am glad that she is mentioned and still in love with Lassie.
  • Henry giving Lassie fatherly advice and talking about making up for lost time is adorable
  • Lily is such a mini Shawn and such a daddy’s girl.
  • How fast can you drive? As fast as we want. Karen is a badass when she goes rouge.
  • They are here, all together and about to do something stupid. Selene has their number for sure.
  • No self respecting ninja will hold a gun!
  • May he rest….eh….
  • Whoa! Decker is the bad guy!
  • He wasn’t ordained! His name is Nipsey! That line made me laugh way more that it should have.
  • My name is Selene. Now and forevermore. Just not legally, yet.
  • Her real name is Kareem. I did not expect that, but I am digging the name.
  • I am glad she is letting him go before he makes things worse for himself. If only he had listened.
  • The gender reveal gift knocked him out.
  • It’s a boy!
  • What a time for Selene to go into labor
  • This is the most dramatic labor scene since Marlowe’s, especially with them pushing Selene on the dolley.
  • My water broke three hours ago. I didn’t want them to think I was weak or be left behind.
  • Father Westley! I did not expect an appearance from him, but I am loving it.
  • It’s fine, it is for God’s eyes!
  • A Zoom wedding is legal as far as Father Westley knows, so that makes it okay!
  • Where did he get these laptops? Were they just laying around?
  • The exorcism mixed with a wedding is something that would only happen to Gus.
  • Kurt did the wedding after all. Gus got his wish.
  • This is your dream wedding? Yeah, I am with Shawn, no one would want a wedding with an impeding birth, a priest randomly performing an exorcism and a snarky eighties pop star.
  • Shawn delivering the baby during the wedding At First Sight style is one for the books.
  • On the upside, the baby will be relatively demon free….oh, Father Westley!
  • Push is the only birthing instruction I know! Same, Shawn, Same.
  • Why is he throwing holy water at his laptop screen? The ladies are so confused.
  • Kurt is going to do his own project Whaham.
  • Ok, this tops Marlowe giving birth. Doors being broken down, confused priests, a best friend who can’t look down, bad guys on the run….there is no way to top this.
  • Come on sonnnnnn!!!
  • With the power vested in me in the state of California and the good people at State Farm insurance, don’t ask, I pronounce you husband and wife.
  • I want to know why State Farm is involved.
  •  Avert your eyes, Shawn!
  • Kurt faints! Of course he does. However, at least it was on the bed.
  • Decker escaped, but no one cares because the baby is here.
  • Yay, they are godparents!
  • Jules tossed Gus away to hold her baby godson would be so me.
  • Wom UL is now Kurt’s new project and I am here for it! This needs to be a real thing.
  • This video is so perfect.
  • I guess Woody’s fate is an unsolved mystery.
  • Whoa Decker is a stalker now? At least it leaves it open for another movie…although we still need to know what happened with Jules’s brother after movie one!
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I LOVED this movie! Here’s to movie four!

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