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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Highlights for 10/31/2021

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Highlights for 10/31/2021

  • I don’t drink my food, just my alcohol. Words to live by!
  • John and Lisa’s sons doing a charity event to help kids in foster care completely melts my heart.
  • For a restaurant that seems to be so expensive, that is not a lot of food on their plates. If I were to pay that much for a meal, I better leave with a full belly!
  • I had no idea Mary and her mom had a falling out over the marriage and accusations of lying.
  • Jen bringing the wolf heads to the photo shoot was actually very sweet and cute.
  • ‘I hired him because he is from Hawaii.’ Um….WHAT?
  • I wish they would have played the audio on the show.
  • It breaks my heart that Whitney’s dad won’t give her the time of day, yet spends so much time with her brother.
  • Heather’s stories always make me laugh.
  • Jen giving Heather sex toys is hilarious…..and her expecting Heather to use and offer them on a first date is even more hilarious.
  • The penis ring toss sounds like a bachelorette party game.
  • Why do these women mention events to each other knowing the other isn’t invited? It is kind of….no, incredibly rude.
  • I want to look into these products from the Barlow boys….I love supporting good causes like this.
  • I am not sure who this dude is, but this is not the time or the place to warn Meredith about Mary and her husband.
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More next week, stay tuned!

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