The Baby-Sitters Club Recap For Mary Anne and the Great Romance

The Baby-Sitters Club Recap For Mary Anne and the Great Romance

The Baby-Sitters Club Recap For Mary Anne and the Great Romance


Mary Anne and the Great Romance opens with Mary Anne hoping Richie and Sharon get engaged on their weekend getaway. She talks about it with Dawn as they choose outfits to wear to dinner.

The topic switches to Mary Anne and Logan’s own romance. Dawn asks if they are going to be each other’s Valentines, but Mary Anne wants to focus on one romance at a time.

At dinner, Mary Anne is anxious about the big announcement, which ends up being Richie winning a big case. She is happy for him, but not with his announcement.

The next day, she talks to Logan about it. He seems nervous and his friends are acting goofy because….he asks her to be his girlfriend. He gives her a bracelet to celebrate.

At the meeting, Kristy and Stacey try to give her romance advice, which only leads to Mary Anne teasing Stacey about the Scott debacle over spring break. Jessi asks about it and Mallory says she will tell her later.

The topic switches to the supposed engagement, which Mary Anne and Dawn say didn’t happen. They agree they are already like sisters, but Mary Anne is still sad over it.


Kristy’s mom calls for a sitter, which leads to an update on the baby situation, because Liz is going to the doctor to see what is happening. Claudia takes the job and gives Kristy chocolate to take home to Liz.

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Mary Anne hangs out with Logan and other couples, where they discuss their Valentine’s day plans. Mary Anne is surprised Logan made them reservations at Salvatore’s and says things are getting a bit scary.

At the sitting job, Karen is working on a family tree and says her great-great-grandma was struck by lightening and killed.

Liz comes in and fills Claudia in on what she needs for her job….and takes the chocolate Claudia brought over as she leaves.

After Liz leaves, Karen continues to talk about her family tree, including the ghost of Ben Brewer and those who haunt the family. Claudia gets scared, but then happily goes to get Andrew a snack.

At the next meeting, Mary Anne talks about her issues with Logan and how she is confused with how things are going. She then tells them about the couples who are in their new group, saying they are annoyingly perfect and annoying.

The rest of the girls have plans for a Galentine’s day, while still being jealous of Mary Anne’s date with Logan. Mary Anne, for her part, doesn’t want to be left out, so she decides to talk to her dad in hopes that he won’t let her go.

However, Richie, complete with note cards, gives his blessing, saying he was preparing for this moment with his therapist. He also hugs her and says he trusts her.

Kristy is with Karen, who is working on her project and still talking about ghosts. She gets annoyed and quickly leaves for the Galentine’s day party.

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Logan and Mary Anne’s dinner date is a bit awkward, especially when Richie and Sharon show up. They end up having a double date, which is awkward, especially when Logan doesn’t have enough money to pay. Richard picks up the tab and Logan leaves in a hurry.

Kristy comes home to her mom crying  because she is overwhelmed with everything. The two of them end up having a heart to heart and hugging.

Mary Anne talks to her dad about life and relationships. He encourages her to talk to Logan and they decide to go without labels for now.

At dinner, Dawn and Mary Anne talk about no labels and being open. Sharon and Richie tell them that he and Mary Anne will be moving in for a week while the house is fumigated for termites.

While it was not the announcement the girls were hoping for, they join their parents for games as the episode comes to an end.



  • I like how the ‘romance’ was not the wedding we all expected and just Sharon and Richie in a long term relationship.
  • Mary Anne and Logan’s not wanting labels at the end was pretty realistic for eighth graders.
  • I wish they would have shown more with the Galentine party.
  • We got to hear about Ben Brewer!
  • I am confused with Liz’s storyline. Is she pregnant, going through in-vitro or what?
  • Dawn being open to any kind of relationship is exactly how I pictured her being.
  • I feel like this was the weakest one so far, a lot of filler and kind of boring.
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