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ICYMI: Big Brother 23 Recap for 9/24/2021: Memory Lane

ICYMI: Big Brother 23 Recap for 9/24/2021: Memory Lane


CBS’s Big Brother 23 is in the home stretch with the final three ready to fight for the win.


Before we get to that, Big D, Xavier and Azah celebrate with champagne, a steak and lobster dinner and messages from loved ones.  They also look back on their journey and favorite memories from the summer.


Some of the memories include cooking disasters, Frenchie’s meltdown and Diary Room bloopers.


We also get to see Claire talk to Derek X about coming out as bisexual and the relationship between Christian and Alyssa. He seems to want to take it to the next level, but she wants to explore things further once they are both out of the house.


One of the most touching moments was when the final six talked about making history and how they were treated in the past. They all share different experiences, all of which are eye opening and emotional.


The videos from home however, are what bring the most tears and emotion.


Big D’s mom says she is proud of him, but to watch his language.


Xavier’s brother, dad and stepmother fill him in on everything going on at home and also share how proud they are of him.

Azah’s family tells her they are proud of the way she acted during the season.


The night ends with a toast as we head into the penultimate episode. Stay tuned!

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