Big Brother 23 Recap for 7/22/2021: Is Frenchie Toast?

Big Brother 23 Recap for 7/22/2021: Is Frenchie Toast?

Big Brother 23 Recap for 7/22/2021: Is Frenchie Toast?

Tonight is the second live eviction on CBS’s Big Brother 23. Either Britini or Frenchie will go home just fifteen days into the competition. We will also have a special celebrity guest hosting the HOH competition.


Britini begins rapping….which is certainly a mood. Frenchie tries to rally people to save him….but only Azah and Big D seem to really want him in the house, despite the fact that he is also campaigning with Tiffany and Sarah Beth. Looks like Frenchie is going to be toast tonight!


Later on, Sarah Beth talks to Kyland about how she lost her father to COVID-19 one year ago. He gives her some support and she feels comfortable with him….which surprises her because they haven’t known each other very long.


Kyland begins to campaign for people to save him next week since his HOH reign is coming to an end. He gets the Kings and Queens on his side, while Derek X joins their side. Brent and Whitney seem to be the new targets.



Brent and Whitney, however, seem to want to target the girls in the house. They fill Christian in on this plan, but he only pretends to support them since he is part of the other alliance.


Eviction time! Both Britini and Frenchie give their last chance speeches (or raps, in Britini’s case) before it is time to vote.

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Everyone except Big D vote to evict Frenchie, who becomes the second houseguest to leave the house. He goes out to talk to Julie about his time on the show before watching his goodbye videos.


Once Frenchie is gone, it is time for the HOH competition, which is hosted by Tom Green. It is a true or false competition, with the questions based on videos with Tom. Xavier wins, making him the next HOH.


More Sunday, stay tuned!

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