The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap for Season’s Grillings

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap for Season's Grillings

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap for Season’s Grillings

This week’s  episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Bravo opens up where we left off with Sutton explaining why she doesn’t want to be around Erika at this point. She says that she is worried about her reputation and is going by the advice she was given by her lawyers.

Lisa attacks her for this, but Dorit agress and says that Boy George gave her similar advice.


Sutton says she knows a former partner who quit ten years ago when his wife felt something was off. The son in law also quit, which she also finds suspicious.

She goes on to say that there are a lot of things that don’t add up. Dorit agrees, as does Crystal. They discuss the accident three years ago and how they think people have talked to try and corroborate their stories…..even though it is coming out that things were going on from much longer.

Lisa brings up Denise and whether or not she told te truth. Kyle thinks she was trying to save her marriage.

For some reason, Lisa wants to support Erika, but the other women are starting to listen to Sutton and take her side on everything. Sutton says ignorance is not an excuse and she needs to stop deflecting by bringing up the mistress.

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Kyle says she wants to be a supportive friend, but cannot if she finds out Erika knew everything that was happening and where the money was going.



Garcelle makes Christmas dinner for her family, which includes her sons, grandson, her oldest son’s wife and her kids. She accidentally overcooks the turkey, but says no one will mind. She also has a ton of traditional Haitian foods, including ham, pork, mac and cheese and other such goodies. (Sammi thought: I want to go to her house for dinner!)

Garcelle bonds with everyone and makes sure Oliver’s wife Sam has wine as the baby cries.

As they eat, everyone talks about the holidays, the food and what they want for Christmas. Oliver Jr. Loves the mac and cheese, which is so cute. (Sammi thought: I want to be a part of Garcelle’s family, period!)



Kyle gets ready for her party when Dorit calls. Teddi is coming and Erika is supposed to come, but nothing is set in stone.

People begin to arrive and mingle. Teddi is even there and talks about her kids and life.

Erika finally arrives and after the obligatory hugs and kisses, things become awkward.

As they begin to eat, the topic of the article comes out and how things don’t add up. Erika refuses to answer any questions. However, Dorit and Sutton keep on questioning things.

Lisa tells Sutton to own it and say what she said at the meeting, which Sutton does. Everyone says they talked to people as well. Kyle wants to make sure Erika indeed knew nothing, but Sutton reiterates that she needs to protect herself and continues to question her.

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Kyle says that as Erika’s friend, she wants to believe she knew nothing.

Garcelle wants to know more details, while Sutton wants to know what she really knew. Erika says she was not involved in the books and claims she knows nothing….and only Tom knows.


The questioning continues, and Dorit calls her out on being complicit, as well as the orphans and widows.

However, Dorit begins to soften, as does Teddi. Sutton is upset about this and continues to question Erika, who claims she never questioned anything.

Garcelle also is upset that Dorit is doing a 180 and compares the situation to her sister’s botched kidney transplant.

Erika continues to defend herself, while the women claim they all love and support her. Garcelle says the victims need to be taken care of, and Erika agrees, saying they need to see what that man did. She says she has a long road ahead of her and supports whatever decisions everyone makes in terms of being her friend.

After dinner, Sutton calls out Dorit for not having her back. She is surprised the women support Erika now, but were questioning things before.

Erika leaves questioning her friendships with everyone.

More next week, stay tuned!

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