America’s Got Talent Recap for 8/17/2021

America's Got Talent Recap for 8/17/2021

America’s Got Talent Recap for 8/17/2021

Tonight’s episode of NBC’s America’s Got Talent introduces the next twelve acts vying for a chance to get into the next round. Terry Crews hosts, while Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara and Simon Cowell judge.


T.3: Penn State is in the house! Two of these three guys are alums from the college and since I live in the same town, I am excited!


They do sing well and are adorable with a boy band vibe. However, I would not have chosen this song for them. I hope they make it to the next round, but am scared they will hit the first act curse.


It is a mixed bag from the judges, so it is hard to tell how things will pan out.


Dokteuk Crew: They continue with the anime theme tonight, this time with a cowboy twist and fire. I enjoy it and think it is an ingenious idea. I would definitely pay to see them at some point if they came to my town.


Simon was not a fan, but the other judges seemed to enjoy it.


Johnny Showcase: Their act has some sort of 70s vibe to it, but I am still here for it. There is just something so endearing about him. It may not be an act that will win the show, but it is an act that will win over anyone having a bad day and in need of some giggles and smiles.

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Howie and Simon buzz him, but the ladies seem to enjoy it….even though Sofia is a bit confused.


Tory Vagasy: She is by far the best act of the night so far. Her voice is the second coming of Kristin Chenoweth and I am in AWE of her. She definitely has a career in Broadway and beyond.


Howie isn’t a big fan, but the others seem to love her.


Shuffloution: They are cute and fun and have sort of an 80s vibe tonight. I think it is more cheerleading than dancing, but it is a fun act to watch.


The judges are mixed on it, thinking it is a step backwards.


Aidan Bryant: It is so hard to believe he is only sixteen! I am literally spellbound by his moves and grace. He belongs in Cirque du Soliel or some similar act because he is just so good.


The judges think he is the one to beat.


Northwell Health Nurse Choir: They won Howie’s Golden Buzzer and were all first responders during the COVID pandemic. They make me cry from start to finish. Their singing reminds me of Voices of Service and just WOW.


The judges are in awe and thank them for all they do.


Positive Impact: The act is like Magic Mike meets a high school musical, but in some way it kind of works. The guys are sexy and the act is fun and light, making them live up to their name.


The judges are not a fan and think they also took a step backwards tonight.

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Peter Antoniou: He does a magic act and uses the judges again. This time, he has to guess what food is in unmarked cans that the judges have. Simon tries to confuse him, but it does not work!

The judges find the act to be engaging and fun.


Korean Soul: They take on Aerosmith’s I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing and I must say, I think it is better than the original. They are definitely going places and I hope I am around when they do!


The judges love it….and Howie even proclaims it his favorite act of the night.


Josh Blue: He is a comedian who talks about being disabled. He is just so positive and sweet that he makes me smile from start to finish. His brand of comedy reminds me of Cousin Geri from The Facts of Life, but it works!


The judges love him and think he is what we need right now.


Victory Brinker: She was the recipient of the Group Golden Buzzer. At only nine years old, she has an operatic voice that can rival the most legendary singers. Tonight, she proves she is here to stay….not only on the show, but in the music business. I am in awe of her!


The judges think she is the cherry on top of a great night.


Results tomorrow, stay tuned!

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