Big Brother 23 Recap for 9/2/2021: Who Is Juror 3?

Big Brother 23 Recap for 9/2/2021: Who Is Juror 3?

Big Brother 23 Recap for 9/2/2021: Who Is Juror 3?

Tonight is the next live eviction on CBS’s Big Brother 23. Either Sarah Beth or Kyland will join Britini and Derek in the jury.


The Cookout alliance seems to be stronger than ever and all have a very good chance to making it to the final six.


Alyssa makes a comment to Claire about being the only white person left in the house if Sarah Beth goes to jury. Claire thinks there is an alliance she is unaware of, but Xavier, who is also there, tells her it is not so. He now wants Alyssa gone before Claire.


Big D freaks out over a bug, causing Hannah to fall and hit her head. As everyone is making sure she is okay, the kitchen goes on fire, thanks to Azah and Claire burning a steak. Claire says it is not her fault because she doesn’t eat steak.


As the Cookout discusses how they now need to get rid of each other in the final six, everyone makes final two plans. Big D wants to be with Kyland or Xavier, so he can talk his way to the win.


Tiffany and Kyland think Big D and Xavier should be targeted next. She wants Hannah with her in the final two.


Kyland, however, is torn between keeping Tiffany or Xavier for his final two.

Jury house time! Britini is shocked to see Derek walk in because she was expecting Alyssa, Sarah Beth or Kyland.

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The two of them watch everything played back and talk about what is happening in the house…..only to start to figure out that the Cookout alliance was happening under their noses.


EVICTION TIME! Sarah Beth is evicted in a 5-1 vote, with only Tiffany voting for Kyland. She decided to give out a sympathy vote.


After she says goodbye and talks to Julie, we move on to the HOH competition. Everyone is hanging on to ropes and going in circles. The last one standing wins.


Big D and Alyssa both fall fairly quickly….but we will have to wait until Sunday to see who wins. Stay tuned!



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