Big Brother 23 Recap for 9/8/2021: Did Xavier Win POV?

Big Brother 23 Recap for 9/8/2021: Did Xavier Win POV?

Big Brother 23 Recap for 9/8/2021: Did Xavier Win POV?


Tonight’s episode of CBS’s Big Brother 23 opens with the aftermath of the Nomination ceremony. Alyssa is upset about being on the block, but not surprised. She also has no idea she is the actual target.


Xavier is also upset and thinks Tiffany is being selfish. He complains about this to Big D, who agrees. They discuss what will happen if Xavier wins the POV. He wants to take Alyssa off the block and have Tiffany choose someone else, but Big D doesn’t want this to happen because of the alliance.


Tiffany, for her part, doesn’t want to have to choose someone else to go on the block because that would mean that she will have to choose between Claire and the Cookout.


After some fun moments and infomercials with Big D and Azah, it is time to play POV. Everyone except Claire and Kyland are playing.


However, we get a surprise visit from Zingbot. Thanks to Gold Derby, I have the full transcript:

Alyssa, you’re from Florida, the sunshine state, which is ironic considering you’re so dim. To be clear, I’m calling you dumb!


Xavier, I’m gonna reveal your secret. You have a crush. All season long you’ve been admiring their body, getting lost in their eyes and staring at their ass. Oh wait, that’s just your reflection! I’ve been zinging for over a decade now and it never gets old. But you know what has?

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Tiffany! Four score and seven zings ago.


Oh my God! Nobody move! We’re all in danger. I’ve spotted Big Foot! My bad, that’s just Claire.


Houseguests, I have a joke for you. Knock, knock! Who’s there? Hannah. Hannah who? Exactly!


Big D, you’ve made quite the mark on the ‘Big Brother’ house this summer. Too bad it’s in the toilet.


As a robot I can accurately predict the future. I do determine the following things will never happen. Time travel, teleportation and Xavier going on a date with Azah.


Kyland! Listening to you talk is like sitting by a brook. An endless, babbling brook. Shut the f*** up!


POV comp time. They have to put mini cocktails in a pyramid without knocking them down….using tweezers.


Of course, everyone struggles with it, but in the end, Alyssa wins. She is thrilled, but Tiffany is upset because she now has to decide who deserves her loyalty….Claire or the Cookout.


Xavier also loves this because he knows it is going to ruin Tiffany’s game.


Tiffany tells Hannah she is going to tell Claire everything and that she is going on the block. She does this as gently as possible without jeopardizing her alliance, but both women end up crying.


Xavier and Big D continue to bash Tiffany, even when Hannah tells them Tiffany’s plan. He thinks that he will still be a target.


POV Nomination time! Alyssa is off the block, Claire is on. Either she or Xavier will go to jury tomorrow night. Stay tuned!

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