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Often the biggest life-changing moments begin with one simple step; like the night Bryan Alintoff was relaxing on his couch contemplating his son Hayden’s upcoming third-grade Shark Tank project.
It was nearing bedtime and his then eight-year-old son, a whirlwind of boyish energy, had just finished brushing his teeth. A single father residing in Middletown New Jersey, Alintoff knew when he walked into his son’s bathroom there would be a huge mess waiting for him in the sink.
That’s when he got up to clean, and the inspiration hit him like a lightning bolt! What if he could invent something that would automatically clean the sink?

Tell us about the idea behind the Sink Spinner. 

I am a single Father and after a long day of work, doing homework with my son, taking him to Karate class, cooking dinner and cleaning up, I was exhausted and I did’nt want to clean the sink after Hayden brushed his teeth. I knew the mess he would leave behind for me to clean. During this time, Hayden had a Third Grade Pitch competition at his school and he couldn’t figure out what to do. That’s when I got the idea that if I can automate the water splashing around the rim of the bathroom sink then I would never have to scrub the bathroom sink again! I ran into the bathroom to tell Hayden, he immediately said ”We will call it the Sink Spinner” and that’s how this idea became a product!

What problems does it solve? Is it easy to use?

The Sink Spinner saves time and the need to constantly scrub the bathroom sink. The frustration that every parent deals with, on a daily basis, is over. The best part is that at the same time we can all save water. Let’s not forget, it’s also fun to use!

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You plan on making the Sink Spinner fun for kids. Tell us more. 

When we first started making prototypes, our focus was easy rinsing of the bathroom sink. As our prototypes got more sophisticated and the engineering more complex, we realized we were building a water saving device as well. It was so exciting that we were able to accomplish different concepts that we initially did not think of. Hayden wondered why if we can do this for ourselves why couldn’t we do this for everyone! Sink Spinner has customizable “wraps” on the spinner itself. They are colorful additions to the Sink Spinner and add personalization to the bathroom sink. This brings fun back to brushing your teeth. We are coming up with designs for Halloween, 4th of July, and other holidays. The R and D team are coming up with lights and timers as well.


What valuable lessons have you taught your son during this process? 

The invention process has been an educational and fun process so far. We entered into a local competition sponsored by the Monmouth County Small Business Association. The prize was a 6 month course at the local college on how to begin and run a small business. It was wonderful and educational to meet other entrepreneurs and learn about their own journeys. At the moment, there are 10,000 boxes in our basement and Sink Spinner products and packaging all over our home. We live and breathe Sink Spinner. At dinner, we have family discussions about the business and Hayden is an integral part of the journey. He is learning from a young age how grueling yet fulfilling the process is to bring a product to market. Hayden has learned perseverance, accounting, sales, banking, and fundraising. He is very excited about the product and has one in his science class at school. We will be donating Sink Spinners to all the science and art classes in his school.

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Where can we find the Sink Spinner? 

The Sink Spinner is available now and can be purchased online at

I could not have done this without my family and friends. Reaching out to the right people to introduce you to other right people is essential. We are so lucky to surround ourselves with like minded people who also have vision. We keep each other focused and understand we all want the same thing. Our goal is clear.

Every household NEEDS a Sink Spinner. Our goal was to make sure every bathroom sink was easily rinsed and in doing that we found that we could do our part to save the planet by decreasing the use of water.

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