Celebrity Spotlight: Lacey Evans

Lacey Evans is a WWE superstar and American hero, having served as a police officer in the United States Marine Corps. She is a strong woman with a huge heart, making her relatable and inspirational to all.

Now Lacey can be seen on Military Makeover, which debuts its latest season this week. For her, it is an incredible experience and something she will not soon forget. She recently took time out of her busy schedule to chat with TVGrapevine. Below are some of the highlights from our chat.

1. The show is a way to help deserving veterans and their families get new homes and bring communities together. The show, which recently partnered with the WWE, works with local communities in order to build the houses in ten days and say thank you to those who have served our country. It is a away to also give back and give them a fresh start in life. 

2. The goal is not only to do this, but also bring awareness to veterans’ stories. Lacey admitted that many of the stories pull at the heartstrings and she is passionate about helping in any way she can. She knows they have their own stories and are in some ways broken and can relate to them on this level. However, it is bittersweet because she only gets limited time with each person. 

It is all worthwhile when she gets to see the looks on their faces during the big reveal. Seeing the weight being lifted from their shoulders gets her every time, as does knowing they now have one less thing to worry about in life.

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3. Lacey is a huge part of the WWE world, which means she has to travel a lot for work. Her husband and child usually come with her, making it a family affair. They not only enjoy their time together, but also eating good, healthy meals as a family. However, right now everything is on hold due to the quarantine, so Lacey spends time with her husband and child at home.

4. She is an avid gardener. Lacey loves to plant all sorts fruits and vegetables for her family to eat and says that gardening also helps her with her mental health. For her, it is a way to relax and she loves what it does for her mind and body.

5. She is the owner of limitlesslady.us. It is an organization that helps women deal with mental health through puzzles, motivational quotes and the like. She takes the money earned from each puzzle sold and donates it to charity. It is another way for her to give back because she knows what it is like to go through hell. She wants to be able to help others and make them realize they are capable of anything. 

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