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Celebrities are LOVING the Fund Duel gamified fundraising platform, from raising funds for their favorite charities to raising funds for their new films, Fund Duel is a Winner!

Linda Hansen, Ph.D., is the CEO and her daughter Jasmine Toomalatai  is the Co-founder of Fund Duel Inc. The innovation of Fund Duel, a gamified online fundraising platform derived from her PhD studies on the neurochemical and psychological motivational system of humans in both positive and negative directions. She also found that there was a lack of innovation in the online fundraising sector and developed Fund Duel to address this need and also to capitalize on the motivational reward system in humans to get involved in raising money and awareness for good causes.”

What organizations are finding is that instead of 300 people in a ballroom, they can capitalize from views and donations from thousands of unseen participants spread across a broad expanse.” – Linda Hansen

Why is Fund Duel gaining so much momentum?

We are rapidly building a dedicated tribe all over the world, and they are spreading the word about our disruptive and successful approach. Additionally, our platform is uniquely designed to advertise our company with each campaign we run. When we came up with the idea of Fund Duel, I met with a professor at Brigham Young University, Dr Jeff Larson who had coauthored the book, Digital Marketing Essentials. I shared with him our Fund Duel concept of virtual team-based competitions and video and photo-based challenges that are immediately shared on social media. When I was done explaining all the details, he responded that our business model was phenomenal from a marketing perspective because each duel (campaign) would create a buzz in the digital world and create free marketing for our company and the organization simultaneously. He advised us to expand our company with grassroots campaigns in mind. Fund Duel is democratized fundraising and the power of the people sharing potentially viral campaigns. Professor Larson’s predictions were spot on and have been realized with stunning results. High profile campaigns with large organizations, media outlets, and social influencers with massive followings have generated great ROI for our company, the causes, and for corporate partners. It is a perfect Win-Win!

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Many of the campaigns have raised $100,000 + Is the platform user-friendly? Take us through the process of how to build a successful campaign.

Yes, we are very proud of our results. Our average campaigns raise significantly more than most crowd-funding platforms. The last statistic I saw for Go Fund Me is that they raise on average $1,500 per campaign.

From the outset, we designed Fund Duel to be simple and easy to use. The leaderboard has a slick design so that you can always know who the top fundraising teams are. We are mobile optimized, and anyone can use their phone to easily donate or join the challenge by uploading a photo or video. At events such as a sporting event, an audience can use a QR-code and join their team to win prizes. We put campaign pages together for organizations at no-cost. It was our goal to take the burden of time and resources from non-profits so they spend significantly less time on fundraising but with far greater results.

Linda Hansen, PhD., CEO of Fund Duel


Tell us about the virtual events.

Virtual events can be powerful and interesting if the event is gamified and interactive. In 2020 there were so many boring and badly executed virtual events. With Fund Duel, virtual events are magical, powerful, interactive, and engaging as viewers from all over the world view the livestream on a prominent window on the campaign page. The changing leaderboard is directly below. The fun comes when viewers can join the game by getting out their phones, join a challenge on their favorite team, and bid on auction items as well. During a virtual or hybrid event, uploaded videos along with their attributed donations (their “selfie”) appear on the screen for everyone to see. Winners are often announced throughout the evening, and this creates excitement!

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Virtual events on Fund Duel capture the moments in a live event such as a gala, concert, or sporting event and engages a vast audience that cannot be there in person.

The most innovative and exciting virtual fundraising event we have coming up is with a Fund Duel that is raising money for a film project called, “Moments of Youth.” The director of the film, Greg Pellerito, and his team came up with an amazing Fund Duel. They created a contest on our platform called the “Battle of the Bands.” The bands will compete for a chance to create the music for the film project. Each band is a team and submits their music along with raising money for the project and also a Children’s cause. They will have one virtual event during the campaign and at the end to celebrate the winning bands. This campaign combines wonderful elements to raise awareness of the struggles of musicians during the 2020 pandemic, the film project, and a children’s cause. There will be potentially millions of eyeballs on the campaign and the virtual events. Here is a URL for the initiative going out to bands all across the United States and other countries.

Moments of Youth: Battle of the Bands

Through your experience, what have you learned along the way?

Remarkably, I have learned that when you are doing something good for humanity and for the world, it attracts ardent followers. There is a hunger in every living soul to do good and to make a difference. I have been absolutely awestruck at the doors that have opened and the people that have come to support us. I have also learned to treat people well and to distance myself from people that introduce drama or who are anchored to negativity. Our team is a positive, joyful group that overcomes challenges with optimism. The best is yet to come!!

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